Bronx Jury Rules in Favor of Jacoby & Meyers Client in Civil Case: $250,000 Awarded for Pain & Suffering Following Motor Vehicle Accident

Andrew G. Finkelstein, managing partner at Jacoby & Meyers, is pleased to announce that a Bronx civil jury recently awarded $250,000 to a Jacoby & Meyers’ client for past  and future pain and suffering following her involvement as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. The case was argued by Bronx-based Jacoby & Meyers’ attorney Gustavo W. Alzugaray.
“My congratulations to Mr. Alzugaray on his outstanding work in obtaining a positive outcome for our client,” said Finkelstein. “His dedication to meeting the needs of his clients exemplifies our firm’s commitment to success for those we serve.”
Mr. Alzugaray’s client was traveling with her husband and children in a livery vehicle that was involved in a collision with another vehicle at the intersection of West Fordham and the Major Deegan Expressway in New York City. As a result, the client suffered injury to her right knee that required surgery. The verdict is particularly satisfying as the two insurance companies initially offered a combined $45,000 to settle, which was rejected by the plaintiff on the advice of J&M counsel.  
“The people of the Bronx sent a strong message to careless drivers and uncaring insurance companies with this verdict,” noted Mr. Alzugaray. “They recognized that in one careless moment, life was forever changed for this wife and mother. Hopefully this compensation can provide her some relief from medical expenses and worry.”