David Akerib



1279 Route 300
Newburgh, NY 12551


Practice Areas:


  • National University of Singapore

Admissions & Memberships:

  • New York State Bar Association Member


David Akerib joined the firm of Jacoby & Meyers, LLP in September 1999, as Managing Attorney, after being admitted to the New York State Bar in 1995. David practiced personal injury law since 1995 and came to the firm with four years of Personal Injury experience.

Originally from Singapore, David obtained his Bachelor of Laws Degree (L.L.B.) from the National University of Singapore in 1988. Since obtaining his Law Degree, Mr. Akerib pursued a Master’s in Jewish Philosophy at the Ohr Somayach Institution in Israel and Monsey, New York from 1988 to 1992.

Over the past 13 years with Jacoby & Meyers, David has managed countless personal injury cases from initial contact with an injured party to depositions. The Personal Injury cases that David handles include motor vehicle accidents, trip and falls, dog bite cases, sexual assault, head injuries, construction accidents, and labor law cases.

In addition, David focuses on the needs of the individual client and aims to provide personal service, which include but is not limited to handling No fault issues that arise, resolving liens, Workman’s Compensation or excess Pip, assisting with Medicare issues, arranging reasonable funding, sorting out an intricacy of legal issues, and assisting clients to navigate the complexity of their case. David has arranged meetings with clients whether in upstate New York offices or in the City offices.

Of the many cases that David handled, he was able to successfully resolve countless cases, about 60-70%, prior to depositions.


$6,350,000 – NYC Settles Following Brooklyn Bike Crash With Garbage Truck. Read more

No Smoke Detector – Brooklyn Landlord Pays $1,020,000: A Brooklyn property owner of a 2 family home wanted to make some extra money so he decided to create an apartment in the basement. Unfortunately, the Brooklyn basement apartment does not meet the rental codes of New York.  The apartment had only one exit and two windows with bars on them.  When a fire broke out in the building, the basement resident was unaware because there were no working smoke detectors in the basement.

A plaintiff, an immigrant construction worker, falls off a scaffold while on the job at a NYC building project and suffers knee and shoulder tears resulting in the need for surgery. David’s contributions to the case helped our client’s legal team settle at Mediation for $750,000.

$860,000 settlement from a foster care agency where the plaintiff was a 6 year old minor who suffered third degree burns on her chest resulting in plastic surgery from a hot apple sauce spill. David was able to structure the settlement so that the child would receive $3 million dollars over her lifetime. David was even able to obtain lifetime medical care coverage through the insurance carrier.

$700,000 settlement for Fracture from Fall Due to No Wet Floor Signs. Read More

$450,000 settlement for a slip and fall on an icy Yonkers sidewalk. A homeowner chose to not put salt or sand down as required. Our 25 year old Yonkers client broke 2 bones in his ankle so severely he needed multiple surgeries including the insertion of a metal rod.

$250,000 settlement for a 50 year old plaintiff who was injured while on the job working at a military base.

$200,000 settlement for a 48 year old alarm specialist who lost  2 months from work after falling off a ladder while on the job in a NYC building. He suffered a fractured left leg requiring surgery and hardware.

$175,000 settlement for a 61 year old tourist who tripped over a raised threshold lip in her hotel room in NYC. Our client suffered a broken elbow requiring surgery.

$150,000 settlement for a 38 year old who slipped and fell on ice at a parking lot. Our client was already disabled prior to the accident but suffered a left knee tear with surgery.

$100,000 settlement for a 31 year old mail worker who slipped and fell on wet exterior steps sustaining a shoulder tear with surgery, while on the job.

$100,000 settlement for a 58 year old truck driver injured while on the job. Our client suffered a hernia as a result of the accident and required surgery.

$75,000 settlement for a 44 year old who fell in a hole in a grassy area, located in the backyard of a home she was renting. Plaintiff suffered an ankle fracture requiring surgery.

$60,000 settlement for a slip and fall on ice on an uncleared sidewalk owned by a municipality. Our client suffered a knee tear with subsequent surgery. This was a difficult case as it was questionable that there was any fault against the municipality that owned the sidewalk.