Jacoby & Meyers Community Involvement

A Fun NYC Harbor Cruise Aboard the Atlantis

Last week our firm management treated everyone to a NYC Harbor cruise aboard the Atlantis. The weather was perfect, and the views of the harbor and Lady Liberty were amazing! Can you tell we had fun?!

NYC Cares Backpack Distribution

Our amazing Rane and Gustavo joined NYCares in lower Manhattan to hand out backpacks filled with school supplies to elementary school children. Thanks to everyone who generously donated to the JM Stand with Students fundraiser.

Jacoby & Meyers Street Safety Coloring Books

A free and easy way to teach children about street safety, download and print today.

Road safety tips for bicyclists

Be sure to cross the road safely. Stop at the corner and get off your bike. Look left and right before crossing the street. When the way is clear,push your bicycle across the street. Do-not get back on your bicycle until safely on the other side of the street.

Car accident facts and safety tips

Most car crashes that seriously hurt people happen when the car is going 10 miles an hour faster than the speed limit.

Always buckle your seat belt and use both lap and shoulder belts.The safest place for a child is in the back seat.

Safety tips for bicycle riders

Whenever possible, ride on paths or bile lanes that are designed for bicycles.When riding on the road,ride with traffic on the right side of the road.Obey all traffic laws, signs and lights. When riding on the side walk be careful of intersections and driveways.


As personal injury attorneys, we see firsthand the devastations of distracted driving and distracted walking. That is why we launched our outdoor public safety campaign. The safety messages target pedestrians in the Bronx and Queens, reminding them that distracted driving is a real danger and to stay alert when walking across or driving on busy New York City streets. The campaign lists shocking facts about distracted driving and alerts pedestrians that people have been killed and seriously injured at busy intersections where they are standing at right now.

We’re committed to keeping New Yorkers safe and reducing pedestrian injuries and fatalities in our community. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a careless driver, contact Jacoby & Meyers for a free consultation today.