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There were 434,596 motor vehicle accidents in New York State in 2018, according to official state data. 882 of them were fatal, resulting in the deaths of 936 drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Another 121,989 accidents caused personal injuries to a total of 168,304 people.

What these numbers tell us is as obvious as it is tragic. New York roads are dangerous places. Nearly 1,200 accidents happen on them every day, on average. Drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists who are lucky escape these accidents contending with nothing more than property damage. But as the numbers above reflect, hundreds of thousands of New York residents and visitors are not so lucky. Instead, they face sometimes-catastrophic or fatal injuries that destroy their families, careers, and finances.

Car Accident Injury Statistics in New York State


Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, is a New York personal injury law firm with offices throughout New York. Day-in, day-out, our lawyers represent New York victims of preventable injuries caused by someone else’s careless or reckless actions.

Our mission in every case is to obtain maximum financial compensation for our clients, so that they can pay for the care they need and put their lives back on track. If a New York car accident has turned your life inside out, contact our team of skilled accident injury lawyers to protect your rights.


A New York Car Accident Practice You Can Trust

Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, attorneys have decades of experience fighting to obtain fair compensation for New York car accident victims and their families. Proof of our track record of success for our clients can be found not just in the multiple million-dollar verdicts and settlements we have achieved in New York car accident cases, but also in the praise our clients give us for our commitment to delivering high-quality legal services and personalized attention to every client.

At Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, no New York car accident client’s case is merely “routine.” Every client deserves and gets our respect and our full commitment to recovering every penny of compensation that client deserves for the pain and difficulty inflicted on them by someone else’s wrongful actions.

How We Represent New York Car Accident Victims

New York Car Accident Injury Lawyer Jacoby and Meyers LLPCar accidents happen out of nowhere. They are not something you plan for or expect. That is what makes dealing with the aftermath of a car accident so overwhelming and painful, physically, emotionally, and financially.

Some New York car accident victims and their families know they need legal help after an accident upends their lives. But even so, they rarely know what an attorney can do for them, or why it is so important to choose a lawyer carefully to ensure they recover every penny of compensation they deserve.

You do not need to search very hard to find lawyers who will tell you they are the “best.” But the fact is, there is only one Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, and our lawyers are proud of the unique culmination of experience we bring to the table when representing our clients.

We Work Tirelessly

Many New York car accident lawyers treat their profession as a volume business. As the numbers above show, there are lots of car accidents in New York. These lawyers may figure there will always be a “next” client, so they do not really need to put in the work to get “good enough” results.

Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, is not that kind of law firm. We see every client as a human being deserving of our utmost respect and the full measure of our commitment to success. And we understand that the only way to achieve top-dollar results in every case we handle is to treat every client like family. We aspire to:

  • Gather evidence that others overlook. Where some lawyers for New York car accident victims might content themselves with reading police reports, we leave no stone unturned in investigating our clients’ cases. Police reports and client interviews are just the tip of the iceberg. We track down eyewitnesses, obtain security camera footage of accidents, and document every detail of accident scenes. That is because our team of lawyers and paralegal professionals understands that sometimes the biggest cases depend on the smallest piece of evidence. When appropriate, we employ experts to help us reconstruct accident scenes or to evaluate physical evidence, to ensure we gain every insight and scrap of information to turn a strong case for a New York car accident client into an unbeatable one.
  • Identify every party with legal liability and the means to pay what is owed. Some lawyers look at a car accident and merely assume that the “other driver” is at fault, and that the other driver’s insurance company will pay damages. Not Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, lawyers. Of course, we recognize the “other driver” is a party with potential liability to our client in a New York car accident. But that never means the other driver is the only party with potential liability and the ability to pay. Not by a long shot. We dig deeper to find every party who contributed to causing the harm our client suffered, and who has the resources to contribute to our client’s recovery. In a New York car accident, that frequently includes the employer of the other driver, auto and auto-parts manufacturers, and even local governments that have a duty to design, build, and maintain safe roads. For each of those parties, we analyze not just why they have legal liability to our client, but also whether they have the means to pay our client damages.
  • Construct rock-solid cases for damages. At Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, we understand that a case is only “worth” the amount of damages a lawyer can prove. Some attorneys take a shortcut by merely relying on the analysis of an insurance company in deciding how much money to demand for their clients. Not us. We investigate every way that a New York car accident has harmed our client, and then build a rock-solid body of evidence and arguments to support every dollar of compensation we demand from the other side. If necessary, we will employ medical and financial planning experts to help us evaluate and prove our client’s future financial needs down to the penny, and to help us put a dollar value on the difficult-to-value impacts of a car accident injury on our client’s quality of life. When we’re finished, our clients can rest easy knowing their claim for money damages rests on a solid, sound foundation of facts and legal arguments.

We Translate Our Hard Work Into Negotiating Strength

Most New York car accident cases settle before trial. That is simply the nature of our legal system. As a result, effective New York car accident lawyers have the sharpest negotiating skills. At Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, our attorneys have decades of combined experience sitting across the negotiating table from defense attorneys and insurance company representatives. We have learned that the best way to achieve the highest dollar-value result in negotiations is to bring an ironclad case with you to the discussions.

Our reputation for hard work and meticulous preparation is well-earned. Defense counsel and insurance execs know that when a Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, lawyer walks into the room, the lawyer is ready and able to prove every dollar demanded on behalf of a client. That is the kind of negotiating strength our New York car accident clients need and deserve.

Do I need a Lawyer After a New York Car Accident?

Most cases settle, not all. That is why it is also critically important for New York car accident victims and their families to hire an attorney ready, willing, and able to take a case to trial and win. That is what clients get when they hire Jacoby & Meyers, LLP: seasoned, aggressive New York car accident trial lawyers with the sophistication to argue the law to the judge and the personal touch to explain the facts to jurors in language they understand.

Our team’s reputation as skilled, street-smart litigators works to our New York car accident clients’ advantage in and out of the courtroom. Sometimes, all it takes is for our opponents to see us in action in a courtroom to convince them they should settle for top-dollar rather than run the juggernaut of a trial against a Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, trial attorney. Though we can never promise a client a “win” at trial, we proudly point to our track record of success at trial to reassure our clients that if winning in the courtroom is what it takes to get them the money damages they deserve for a New York car accident, we are ready to do what it takes.

What to do After a New York Car Accident?

New clients seek our help with New York car accidents every day. Many of them walk into our offices scared, confused, and overwhelmed by the sudden, catastrophic disruption of their lives an accident has caused.

We do our best to support our New York car accident clients through those difficult times. But we also encourage potential clients to follow two rules for the aftermath of a New York car accident that will put them, and us, in the best position to recover the highest amount of damages available:

1: Always Get Medical Care.

It sounds obvious to say “go see a doctor after a car accident.” Unfortunately, however, many people avoid seeing a doctor after a wreck, and inadvertently put themselves at physical, emotional, and financial risk in the process. People think up all sorts of reasons for not getting medical help after a car accident. Some swear they feel fine. Others think it is better to tough it out rather than spend money on a doctor visit.

Those people are almost always making a mistake. New York car accident victims should ALWAYS get medical care immediately afterward. ALWAYS. The fact is, many New York car accident injuries do not show symptoms right away. These are serious, even fatal injuries we are talking about. Concussions. Nerve damage. Internal bleeding. Doctors can perform simple tests to diagnose these conditions. But not if you don’t go see the doctor to begin with.

Do not gamble with your health. Let a doctor examine you after a New York car accident, even if you do not “feel” injured. Not only will that doctor visit keep you healthy, it will also produce crucially important records of you having received medical care. Those records could prove indispensable when it comes time for your lawyer to prove your claim for money damages.

2: Beware Insurance Companies.

To be sure, you will probably have to deal with your own insurance company after a New York car accident. That is fine, so long as you keep your interactions short-and-sweet; that is, do not take the blame for a wreck, and do not minimize your injuries. But be careful when it comes to dealing with someone else’s insurance company. Better yet, avoid all contact with someone else’s insurance company.

Any insurance company other than your own that contacts you after a New York car accident has one, and only one, mission in mind: to minimize the amount of money it needs to pay you for your accident injuries. Insurance “adjusters” (the people who manage claims for insurance companies) have a deep bag of tricks they will deploy to try to get you to give up your legal rights to compensation for cheap. They will try to get you to say something that makes it seem like the accident was your fault. Or they will try to offer you a lowball settlement that doesn’t come close to paying you what you need and deserve.

Do not fall for these tricks. Refer any insurance company that calls you to your attorney instead.

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