NYC Settles for $6,350,000 Following Brooklyn Bike Crash With Garbage Truck

Attorney(s): Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein, Trial Partner Gustavo Alzugaray, and Managing Attorney David Akerib.

Settlement: $6,350,000

While riding his bicycle to work and traveling entirely in the bike lane, our 38-year-old client was struck by a NYC garbage truck when it suddenly backed into the bike lane to get closer to the trash on the sidewalk. The impact caused our client to strike his head on both the back of the garbage truck and the ground. Fortunately, he was wearing his helmet. As a result of the crash, our client suffered a traumatic brain injury that resulted in significant mood and behavioral changes. The effects of the injury were so significant, the NYC disability board found him to be disabled from his injuries. On the morning of jury selection the case was settled for a total of $6,350,000.

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