Attorney(s): Michael Feldman, Marie Dusault

Settlement: $536,000 Verdict

This crash took place in Long Island City between a motorcycle and a parked car.  Our client,  a 34 year old New York City resident, was proceeding  on 111th Street when an uninvolved truck moved into his lane unexpectedly and forced him to move to his right.  The defendant, who had been sitting in his parked car, opened the door into the side of the moving motorcycle.

Our client sustained a fractured tibia, fibia, and several broken toes.  He underwent surgery where rods and pins were inserted into his right leg.  He underwent a second surgery for a bone graft.  These injuries left him with significant impairment to his ability to stand, walk or work in his chosen trade as a furniture builder.

This case went to jury trial and a verdict was issued for the Plaintiff.


  • Attorneys Michael Feldman, Marie Dusault
  • Case Manager Jesus Vasconez
  • Paralegal Christine Higgins
  • Adjustor Jeffrey Stulmaker
  • Calendar Coordinator Kirsten Hansen
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