Attorney(s): Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein

Settlement: $8,323,000 Settlement

When our client received the news every mom fears, that her son suffered from cerebral palsy due to her OBGYN’s failure to timely perform a C-section, she called the injury attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers for help. Working with co-counsel, all the records were provided to an OBGYN expert. The expert confirmed the records proved the OBGYN deviated from standard medical practices by allowing the fetus, at full term, to remain in the womb after the sonogram showed there was stool that passed into the womb. Had the C-section been performed immediately after the confirmatory sonogram, no damage would have occurred to the fetus. Tragically, since the fetus was allowed to remain too long in what became a toxic environment, the baby boy was born with cerebral palsy and will require a lifetime of medical care.

The case was ultimately settled prior to trial for a total of $8,323,000 and was handled by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein together with our co-counsel.

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