$1,425,000 Failure To Diagnose Cancer

After feeling a lump on her breast, our client went straight to her gynecologist. A sonogram was performed and our client was told “it was nothing” and to come back in 2 years. Feeling the lump getting larger and becoming more sensitive, our client returned 6 months later to the gynecologist who had another sonogram performed. Again, our client was told “it was nothing”, but referred her to a specialist. The specialist performed a biopsy and discovered our client had stage 2 breast cancer. Wondering if her gynecologist missed the cancer at her first exam she called Jacoby & Meyers, Working with experts and co-counsel, it was found the cancer should have been found earlier. As a result of the delay, any non-surgical treatment options were no longer an option. The case was handled by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein.

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