Attorney(s): Trial Attorney Gustavo Alzugaray.

Settlement: $800,000

While driving through Briarcliff Manor in Westchester, our 42-year-old client’s car was hit in the rear and she badly hurt her neck. She called Jacoby & Meyers because she wanted to protect herself just in case her injury got worse.  Our client had two layers of personal insurance protection. One of her polices afforded her $50,000 in coverage, which we successfully obtained on her behalf. We also notified our client’s other insurer, Chubb, that if the insurance in the car that hit her was less than her own insurance we would be seeking the difference from Chubb.  Good thing our client contacted us because the insurance on the car that hit her only had $50,000 of insurance and our client had major surgery to her neck.  After collecting the $50,000, we turned to Chubb to pay the difference since our client paid premiums to them to cover this exact scenario.  Chubb refused to take her claim seriously so we brought an arbitration action against Chubb as required by the contract of insurance.  We provided Chubb with all of the medical reports, drawings of the surgery and statements of people who described how the surgery to our client’s neck prevented her from fully caring for her daughter and doing her job. Eventually, Chubb settled for an additional $700,000 just before the scheduled arbitration.  Our client recovered a total of $800,000 for her injuries.

The case was handled by Trial Attorney Gustavo Alzugaray.

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