Attorney(s): Michael Feldman, David Gross

Settlement: $3,250,000

A $3,250,000 settlement was reached on behalf of the Estate of a 25 year old student who was burned to death when she was unable to escape from her 6th-floor apartment in the Bronx. Upon smelling smoke that was the result of garbage burning on the second floor of her building, she attempted to escape from the 6th floor by going into the stairwell.
Unfortunately, the stairwell did not have fire doors and had been painted with flammable paint. Our client only made it to the fourth floor before she was rendered unconscious from the smoke. She received burns over 90% of her body and lived for 17 days in extreme pain before dying from her injuries.

TEAM: Attorney Michael Feldman, David Gross
Case Manager Amanda Chanowsky
Paralegal Miranda Capolino
Adjustor Kevin Hines
Calendar Coordinator Maggie Bonaparte

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