$1,000,000 Settlement : Nursing Home Inadequate Staffing

When a family member chose a nursing home in the Bronx, they expected their loved one who was suffering from dementia would be properly cared for. Unfortunately, due to understaffing, our 65-year-old client was not provided adequate supervision and she fell several times. In addition to her falls, she had a cut on her foot that was not properly cared for and, as a result, became infected. The infection also was not properly cared for and she ultimately required several toes to be amputated. During her recuperation, she was confined to bed for extended periods of time and, due to lack of care, developed a significant bed sore on her low back. The week of jury selection the nursing home finally increased their offer to $1,000,000. The case was handled by our Nursing Home team of Managing Attorney Michele Haber and Trial Attorneys Michael Zaransky and Gustavo Alzugaray.

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