New Mom Dies 6 Days After Birth – $3,000,000 Settlement

Wanting answers, our client wanted to know how his wife could die 6 days after what seemed like a routine vaginal delivery of their first child.  During pregnancy she developed preeclampsia, not an uncommon pregnancy complication resulting in high blood pressure that can lead to kidney or liver damage.  She also developed gestational diabetes, also not an uncommon pregnancy condition.  While she was considered a high risk pregnancy, she was able to carry full term and have a routine vaginal delivery.  Two days after delivery she was discharged to home where she started having breathing problems and developing a cough.  Concerned, her husband brought her back to the hospital.   Four days later she died and he turned to Jacoby and Meyers to find out whether her death was preventable.   Together with co-counsel we sued the hospital and treating doctor because after reviewing all of the medical records our experts told us with proper medical care she never should have died.  Just before trial the case was settled for $3,000,000.  The case was handled with co-counsel by Andrew Finkelstein.

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