Our client’s life changed in an instant when a driver in the Bronx chose to run a stop sign. The driver t-boned our client, who was passing through the intersection on his motorcycle. The other driver tried to avoid taking responsibility by claiming his vision was obstructed. This type of thinking is dangerous and puts us all at risk. We cannot afford for drivers to make guesses when it comes to safety. When there is limited visibility, we know we must wait until we’re absolutely certain it is safe to proceed. Instead of waiting until he was sure the intersection was clear, the driver just blindly entered the intersection and struck our client causing catastrophic consequences.   When motorcyclists are struck by other drivers their injuries are often severe. This held true for our client. He suffered devastating injuries that left him in immense pain and unable to work for more than two months. He sustained a broken neck, facial fractures, knee fractures, and a fractured him. Fortunately he did not need any surgery for the broken bones.  It is not uncommon for negligent drivers to avoid taking blame. Our experienced legal team has decades of experience holding drivers accountable when their actions result in serious injury. Jacoby & Meyers Bronx Injury Attorney, Gustavo Alzugaray was able to collect a $525,000 settlement on behalf of our client.

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