Attorney(s): Michael Feldman

Settlement: $2,533,000 Verdict

Ignoring the Vehicle & Traffic Law has consequences.  A Brooklyn jury found both a double parked car and a driver leaving a parking spot accountable for causing a crash.  Our client was traveling down 4th Street in Brooklyn where there was a double parked car.  As she slowly passed the illegally parked car, another driver was exiting a parking spot and crashed into the side of our client’s car.  The exiting car claimed he could not see our client’s car because of the double parked car was blocking his view.  The driver and the insurance company for the double parked car refused to accept any responsibility for the crash, but a Brooklyn jury was not having it and found the double parked car violated the Vehicle and Traffic Law, finding her 12% responsible for the crash and the car exiting the parking spot 77% responsible.  The crash caused serious injuries and resulted in three major surgeries – one to the neck, one to the back and one to the shoulder.  The insurance company for the double parked car contested the injuries claiming the surgeries were performed because of pre-existing injuries.  Once again, the jury was not having any of it and rendered a verdict totaling $2,533,000.

The case was expertly tried by Jacoby & Meyers Senior Trial Lawyer Michael Feldman.

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