Attorney(s): Managing Attorney Ed Steves & Trial Partner Linda Epstein

Settlement: $425,000 Settlement

While riding on Shore Road and 79th Street in Brooklyn, our client was busy paying attention to the traffic and pedestrians.  As he approached the intersection there was a deep depression in the dedicated bike lane that caused the front wheel to abruptly stop and throw our client off his bike.  After getting medical treatment he contacted Jacoby & Meyers and we immediately sent an investigator to photograph the defective road.   The photos of the scene confirmed the City had actual notice of the dangerous condition – they painted a white bike marker on the bike path and the head of the marker was squarely in the defect.  We also obtained the 411 complaints for the area and learned several people called and complained about the depression before the bike crash.   At the time of the crash our 25 year old client was going to college for visual arts.  Unfortunately he broke his dominant hand and wrist and needed surgery to repair the broken bones.

The case was handled by Managing Attorney Ed Steves and was settled by Trial Partner Linda Epstein for $425,000.

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