Attorney(s): Michael Feldman, David Akerib, George Kohl

Settlement: $2.5 Million

Our client, a 36 year old Bronx resident, was a passenger in the front seat of a vehicle waiting for the light to turn green. A tractor trailer made a turn too wide and the rear tires crashed into the front corner of the car. The tractor trailer driver fled the scene and the car our client was in followed the truck driver to the next light.

While feeling a little stiff at the scene, our client refused emergency room treatment. Later that night his neck and back began to hurt more and he decided to go to the emergency room after all. Over time, his neck pain began to travel down his arms. Five moths after the car crash his doctors performed a surgery to his neck, fusing one level together. While this helped the pain in his neck, his lower back pain continued. After a series of injections, his doctors decided to insert a spinal cord stimulator to relieve the pain from his “chronic regional pain syndrome”. Jacoby and Meyers lawyers were able to reach a significant settlement totaling $2,500,000 without the need for a jury trial.

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