Attorney(s): Sharon Scanlan, David Gross, George Kohl

Settlement: $1,272,000

Our client, a 20-year-old Bronx resident and group home counselor on his way home from work, was struck head-on by a drunk driver on Webster Ave in the Bronx. Defendant was driving his employer’s vehicle at the time of the accident. Our client sustained a fractured wrist, a scar on his scalp and a fractured foot that required surgery and hardware. He was out of work for 11 months and had to quit his part-time college courses due to his injuries. Our client did return to college 4 years after the accident.

Coverage was an issue in this case because the vehicle driven by the defendant driver was not included on his employer’s liability policy. However, Jacoby & Meyers claimed that the insurance carriers for the Defendant did not timely disclaim.  Defendant’s carrier and excess carrier brought a Declaratory Judgment action and moved for summary judgment on grounds that their coverage did not apply to this accident. Summary Judgment was denied to the Defendant carriers and they appealed to the Appellate Division, First Dept. where the denial was affirmed.

This case settled after jury selection.

Team:  Attorneys Sharon Scanlan, David Gross, George Kohl, Adjustor Jeffrey Stulmaker. Case Managers: Mary Ray- Brooks, Lisa Venuto. Paralegal: Sandy Veringa. Calendar Coordinator: Kirsten Hansen.

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