Attorney(s): Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein

Settlement: $4,000,000

A thirty-four year old pregnant Brooklyn woman did all the right things. She watched her diet and maintained moderate exercise. At 16 weeks, she experienced some bleeding but her gynecologist said it was normal. A few weeks later at a sonogram, the technician believed he saw a problem with her cervix and called the gynecologist. Again, he said it was normal. At the next sonogram, the technician thought the problem progressed and now the doctor ordered bed rest. Within a few days the expecting mom went into labor. She delivered twins, but because the doctor failed to take action at 16 weeks when the sonogram was indicating the problems, the twins both passed within a half hour of being born. A jury found the hospital and doctor committed medical malpractice and rendered a verdict totaling $4,000,000.

The case was handled by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein and trial was conducted by co-counsel Eleni Coffanis of Sullivan, Papain, Block McGrath and Canavo.

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