OSHA Works to Promote Fall Prevention

According to statistics more than one third of all construction fatalities in recent years were caused by falls from elevation, which means, the total number of construction fatalities could have been reduced by at least one third, as fall down deaths are preventable.

“Whether you fall 20 stories or 20 feet, a workplace fall can cause you to lose your livelihood – or your life. Even the most experienced workers can fall without the proper safety measures in place. Falls also remain the leading cause of death in the construction industry, and lack of proper fall protection remains the most frequently cited violation by OSHA.” –The National Safety Council (NSC)

OSHA and the NSC teamed together to promote a national wide initiative called “Fall Safety Stand Down.” For more information about how you can participate click here.

Unfortunately, if an employer doesn’t make safety a priority, a fall down injury can occur when you least expect. “While construction workers are most at risk, falls can happen in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and virtually any other industry that may involve working from height.” If you or a loved one was injured in a fall down incident contact us today.