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Taxicabs have become an essential staple in our public transportation system, ensuring that individuals get from one location to the next, particularly in busy areas such as the Bronx. Yet, even though these services are incredibly convenient, they are not without their problems, especially when a member of the Bronx community is in a taxicab collision.

If you are in a taxicab accident, it is not unusual to experience debilitating injuries, skyrocketing medical bills, and life-long issues that you and your family will have to endure. At Jacoby & Meyers LLP, we know what a traumatic time this may be for you. However, we hope that with the help of our experienced and dedicated taxi accident lawyers, you do not have to go through this challenging ordeal alone. Instead, we want to provide you the legal services you need to pursue the compensation and justice you deserve.

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Bronx Taxicab Accidents: The Basics

There are two main ways you can be in a Bronx taxi cab accident.

They include:

  • Hit by a taxicab: This type of accident usually consists of a taxicab striking another car, pedestrian, or bicyclist.
  • Hitting another motor vehicle while a passenger in a taxicab: This second type of accident occurs when a passenger is in the taxicab, and that taxi is involved in an accident with another vehicle.

Typically, if you are hit by a taxicab and suffer injuries, you will need to prove both liability and damages to collect compensation for the harm you endured. However, if you were a passenger in a taxicab and injured in an accident, your main issue will be showing damages. This is because most taxicab accidents involve fault resulting from one driver or another. Consequently, as a taxicab passenger, you can pursue the taxicab driver, the taxicab company, or the other culpable party for the injuries you suffered.

Liable Parties in a Bronx Taxi Accident

Many people do not realize that it is not only the taxicab driver that can be held accountable for injuries suffered in a taxi accident. Even if the driver has some degree of fault, if other parties contributed to the accident, you can potentially get compensation from them as well.

In a Bronx taxi accident, the following individuals and entities can bear liability:

  • The taxi driver: If a taxi driver engages in unsafe behavior behind the wheel and a crash results, the collision victims can hold the taxi driver liable.
  • The taxi company: In some instances, if the taxi company negligently hired a driver or did not supervise them properly, and the driver is involved in an accident. The taxi company can be held liable for the victim’s injuries.
  • The taxi manufacturers: When an accident occurs because of a taxicab malfunction, the company that sold, distributed, or manufactured the faulty taxicab or the defective taxi parts can be responsible for the victim’s injuries.
  • Motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists: It is not always the taxicab driver that is at fault for an accident. Sometimes taxi collisions occur because of other motorists, bikers, and even pedestrians. As a result, all those responsible can be held liable for a victim’s injuries.
  • Governmental agencies: New York governmental agencies are responsible for ensuring that the state’s roads are safe from hazardous conditions. That is why, in some cases, if a taxi gets into an accident because of an unsafe road condition. The government can be held responsible for the harm experienced.

When you work with the experienced taxi attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers LLP, we can figure out not only who was liable for your accident, but also pursue all those responsible for the injuries and damages you experienced.

Common Causes of a Bronx Taxi Accident

Taxi accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, especially on the busy Bronx roads.

However, some of the more common reasons for this type of accident include:

  • Driving aggressively such as speeding or failing to yield to the right of way
  • Distracted driving such as texting and driving or eating while driving
  • Not stopping at red lights or stop signs
  • Improper lane changes
  • Blocking traffic to pick up passengers or to drop them off
  • Not looking for other traffic or pedestrians before turning at an intersection
  • Driving while tired
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Faulty taxicab parts such as breaks not working

It is vital that after a taxi accident, you speak to an experienced taxi attorney as soon as possible. Our lawyers can not only start investigating your accident and figuring out what happened, but we can also go after the compensation you need to help your recovery.

Common Bronx Taxi Cab Accident Injuries

If you have been involved in a Bronx taxi cab accident, there are two important factors you need to show to win your case. These factors include liability and damages.

In terms of damages, you need to prove the nature and extent of your injuries as well as the severity of these injuries. Typically, when an individual is involved in a taxicab accident, the injuries are exceptionally grave as taxicab passengers rarely use seat belts.

Consequently, some of the most common serious injuries that result from a taxicab accident include:

  • Broken bones or fractured bones
  • Severe burns
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Facial lacerations
  • Broken nose
  • Whiplash
  • Eye injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal organ damages
  • Extreme mental stress
  • Death

Following these horrific taxicab accidents, if a victim’s injuries are substantial, they can often result in life-long medical conditions that can have the victim facing astronomical medical bills and significant types of medical treatments. That is why it is imperative to discuss your case with an experienced Bronx taxi accident attorney who can go after the compensation you need to cover these substantial costs.

Types of Damages You Can Recover in a Bronx Taxicab Accident

Jacoby & Meyers multi million dollar advocates forum AwardIf you have been injured in a Bronx taxi cab accident, you may be entitled to certain types of damages, including economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

Economic damages: These damages are actual verifiable losses that result from the taxicab accident.

They include:

  • Medical bills, including past, current, and future medical expenses (ambulance rides, hospital stays, surgeries, doctor visits, prescription medications.)
  • Lost wages including past, current, and future lost wages as a result of not working
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Personal property damages
  • At-home nursing care
  • Rehabilitative services such as physical therapy and occupational therapy
  • Medical devices such as crutches or wheelchairs
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses

Non-economic damages: These damages are rather subjective losses that are not easily quantified.

These damages include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and activities
  • Loss of a limb
  • Loss of reputation

Punitive damages: Unlike compensatory damages, which are meant to compensate the victim, punitive damages are intended to punish the defendant for their wrongful actions. In New York, victims need to show clear and convincing evidence that the defendant acted with a complete disregard for their health and safety. As a result, these damages are not frequently awarded as the standard of proof is relatively high.

Timelines for Filing a Claim Following a Bronx Taxi Accident

The statute of limitations is a specific law that dictates how much time you have to file a claim for injuries and damages following an accident. In New York, the statute of limitations for filing a Bronx taxi accident claim after a taxi accident is three years from the accident date. If you do not file a claim within this allotted time, you may be barred from collecting damages for your injuries.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that there are numerous expectations to this rule that can shorten or extend the amount of time you have to file. For instance, if your loved one died as a result of a taxi accident. You only have two years from the date of the passing to bring forth a wrongful death lawsuit. That is why it is imperative to speak with an experienced Bronx taxi accident attorney as quickly as possible.

Our legal team at Jacoby & Meyers LLP can not only help you figure out how much time you have to file your specific claim, but we can also ensure that all your legal motions and legal documents are filed correctly and on-time.

In general, it is important to proceed with a taxi accident claim quickly. This is because over time, evidence of the accident can disappear, relevant witnesses may no longer be willing to testify, and memories of the accident can fade. As a result, all of these factors can end up hindering the success of your case.

What Steps Do You Need to Take After a Bronx Taxi Accident

Whether you decide to pursue legal action or not following your taxi accident, there are specific steps you need to take following your taxi collision. These actions are not only critical in helping to keep you safe and healthy but also to protect your legal rights as well.

These actions include:

  • Contact the police: You must call 911 after your taxicab accident. These local officers can provide you with any emergency medical assistance you need and investigate the accident to verify what happened. If you decide to pursue a legal claim, this police report can provide you with valuable evidence.
  • Get medical help: Even if you do not need emergency medical help after your accident you should still be examined by a doctor. These physicians can not only verify that you do not have any severe and deadly hidden injuries, but they can write down their findings in their medical report. This report can provide you with vital evidence needed to prove damages.
  • Gather evidence: If it is safe, make sure to take as many pictures of the accident scene as you can. Include photos or videos of your visible injuries, the vehicles involved in the crash, any skid marks on the road, dangerous hazards, any traffic signs near the accident scene, and the weather conditions at the time of the accident.
  • Get driver information: Make sure to get names, contact information, insurance information, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and the driver’s license number from all the motorists involved in the accident, including the taxicab driver.
  • Witness details: If any individuals at the crash scene saw what happened, try to get their names and contact information. Their statements can provide you with valuable evidence needed to help prove what happened and who was at fault.
  • Contact an experienced Bronx taxi accident attorney at Jacoby & Meyers LLP: It is critical to contact our skilled Bronx taxi accident attorneys as quickly as possible following your Bronx taxicab accident. These lawyers can promptly get to work investigating the accident, gathering critical evidence, and going after the damages you need.

Bronx Taxi Accident Lawyer FAQ

Top 100 National Trial LawyersIf you are involved in a Bronx taxi cab accident, the situation can be horrific, stressful, and overwhelming. Worse yet, victims of this terrifying accident often have no idea what they are supposed to do next, who they need to call for help, or what legal actions they can pursue.

However, the law firm of Jacoby & Meyers LLP wants to help you get through this traumatic ordeal by providing you the clarification you need. Our firm has found that many taxi accident victims often have the following frequently asked questions. With the below answers, we hope to provide you the information you need, explain what legal options you have, and show you how our legal team can help you obtain the justice you deserve.

If you were injured in a Bronx taxi cab accident, we know you need legal help from an experienced taxi injury attorney that you can trust. Luckily, the lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers LLP have handled numerous taxicab accidents.

As a result, we have the skills and the knowledge needed to take on these complicated taxi accident cases, some of which include:

  • Accidents where a victim was hit or run over by a taxicab
  • Accidents involving a taxicab driver who was driving recklessly
  • Accidents involving a taxicab driver who was operating the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Accidents involving a taxicab driver who was texting and driving
  • Accidents where the taxi malfunctioned and resulted in a collision
  • Accidents where a taxicab passenger was hurt because another motorist struck the cab they were in

Yes. Even if the taxicab accident appears minor, you still need to call 911 immediately. Many serious injuries, including brain or head trauma, do not show any immediate symptoms. This means the longer you wait to get help, the more dangerous this injury can become. However, when EMS arrives at the scene, they can quickly check you over and get you to the hospital if needed.

In addition, you want the police to come to the scene to create an official record of the taxicab accident and obtain all the necessary evidence such as driver information, license information, insurance information, and registration details. That way, if you could not get this information from the accident scene, you will have this information in the police report if you decide to pursue a legal claim.

New York is a “no-fault” insurance state, which means that you can get reimbursed by the insurance company for certain damages (medical costs and other losses) regardless of who was liable for causing the accident.

If you were a taxicab passenger, bicyclist, or pedestrian injured in a Bronx taxi accident, your medical bills should be paid by the cab’s insurance company. In comparison, if you were another motorist and were hit by the taxicab, your medical bills first will be paid by the insurance company for the car you were in. But before you can collect this money, you need to file a No-Fault Application with the insurance company within 30 days of the accident, or you risk waiving your rights to these benefits.

Yet, problems arise with this no-fault insurance when you are involved in a taxicab accident, and you suffer serious injuries. This is an issue because if you suffer a serious injury, it is likely that your losses will exceed the no-fault limits. Once the no-fault insurance is exhausted, you need to seek compensation elsewhere. That is why it is imperative to work with an experienced Bronx taxi injury attorney following your taxicab accident. These lawyers can quickly get to work figuring out what insurance money you can pursue and, if needed, what other types of compensation you can go after.

In New York, a viable Bronx taxi accident lawsuit can arise out of a taxicab accident if a serious injury occurs.

The law defines serious injury as:

  • Death
  • Dismemberment
  • Significant disfigurement
  • Fracture
  • Loss of a fetus
  • A permanent loss of use of a member, function, body organ, or system
  • A permanent consequential limitation of use of a body member or organ
  • A significant restriction of the use of a body system or function
  • A medically determined injury or impairment of a non-permanent nature, which prevents the injured person from performing actions that make up the person’s usual and customary daily activities for not less than ninety days during the 180 days immediately following the injury or impairment

When it comes to “serious injuries,” there are many gray area categories that are decided on a case by case basis. That is why working with the law firm of Jacoby & Meyers LLP is so critical. Our experienced taxi accident injury attorneys can help you figure out if your injury meets the “serious injury” threshold and go after the compensation you require.

Start by hiring us.

If you try to claim that your taxicab accident resulted in a “serious injury,” you can expect that the at-fault driver’s insurance company will want proof. That is why if you are trying to show that your case qualifies as a “serious injury,” you need to have clear evidence that proves:

  • There is a connection between your injury and the accident.
  • Your medical provider’s findings indicating you suffered a serious injury.
  • How your medical provider arrived at this conclusion.

Merely having your doctor make a statement that you suffered a serious injury is not enough. If you believe you have suffered a “serious injury” following your taxicab accident, contact an experienced taxi injury attorney at the law firm of Jacoby & Meyers LLP as quickly as possible. Our lawyers can promptly start the investigation process and begin gathering the critical evidence required to prove your serious injury.

Unfortunately, no attorney can tell you exactly how much your taxi accident case is worth. Why?

Numerous factors can affect the value of your case, including:

  • The severity of your injuries (traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are often associated with the highest amount of damages)
  • The extent of your treatments
  • Whether the injury is permanent or resulted in a disability
  • Whether the injury impacted your ability to work
  • Whether you lost wages because of the injury
  • The extent of your medical bills
  • Whether the injury affected your ability to complete daily activities
  • The amount of additional care you require after the accident

When you work with the law firm of Jacoby & Meyers LLP, our attorneys can go over all of these factors, figure out which ones may affect your claim, and prepare the best case to pursue maximum damages.

It is impossible to predict how long your case might take, as each case is unique.

However, various elements can affect the timeline of your case, including:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • The amount of necessary medical treatments you need
  • Whether the other side is willing to negotiate

You should never settle a case before you have a good understanding of your injury and the medical treatments you require. Settling too early can prevent you from going after funds that you may not even realize you need. That is why it is best to wait until you have a good grasp of the specific harm you endured before you begin any settlement negotiations.

Additionally, if the other side is unwilling to negotiate, your attorney may need to take your case to trial. As a result, your Bronx taxi accident case can take anywhere from months to years to conclude.

One of the biggest mistakes many victims make is they believe the insurance company wants to help them. However, this is far from the truth. The insurance company is a business that wants to make money. They achieve this goal by paying you out less than you deserve or denying your claim altogether. As a result, these insurance adjusters will try any tactic they can to get you to admit fault for the accident. That is why if the insurance company is calling, it is in your best interest to only provide them with basic details and indicate that your attorney can handle all future communications.

When the lawyers of Jacoby & Meyers LLP take over these discussions, we can ensure that you do not say anything that can harm your case while fighting for maximum compensation.

Even though it is ultimately your decision to accept a settlement amount, it is best to consider several elements before deciding. Specifically, factoring in not only your current medical expenses, but your future medical bills and lost wages as well. When an insurance company offers you a settlement amount shortly after your accident, they are not only trying to settle the matter as quickly as they can and for as little money as possible. But they do not take into consideration your future lost wages, your future costs, or any help you will need for the rest of your life.

For these reasons, if the insurance company reaches out to you with a settlement offer, before you accept you should contact Jacoby & Meyers LLP. Our lawyers can go over their proposal and figure out if it is fair to you. If it is not, we can fight for a settlement that is.

If you were seriously injured by a taxicab while crossing the street, you may pursue the taxicab driver and any other party liable for your injuries. Additionally, you may have a right to start a Bronx taxi accident lawsuit and sue for any medical expenses and lost wages above the limits provided by the no-fault insurance, as well as pursue pain and suffering if you can show permanent injuries.

A Bronx taxicab accident lawsuit is tedious, difficult, complicated, and extremely detail-oriented. You have already suffered enough following your accident. You should not have to handle these challenging legal claims on your own. However, when you work with the law firm of Jacoby & Meyers LLP, you do not have to.

Our attorneys can:

  • Go over your case in detail, answer any legal questions you have, and provide you with the legal options you have.
  • Investigate the accident thoroughly, collect critical evidence and reports, and interview relevant witnesses that can help prove liability and damages.
  • Take over communications and negotiations with the defense or the insurance company and ensure you do not accept an underestimated settlement offer.
  • Work with experts such as accident reconstructionists, economists, doctors, and engineers who can help recreate the accident, establish liability, and prove damages.
  • Take your case to trial if the other side is unwilling to negotiate and fight for maximum compensation on your behalf.

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