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Andrew G. Finkelstein


1279 Route 300
Newburgh, NY 12550

Practice Areas: 
Personal Injury
  • Syracuse University
  • Brooklyn Law School
Admissions & Membership: 
  • New York and New Jersey bars
  • U.S. Federal District Court in New York and New Jersey
  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • 2013 Executive Committee Member of The National Trial Lawyers
  • The RoundTable 2014: America's 100 Most Influential Trial Lawyers by The Trial Lawyer magazine

Andrew Finkelstein is the Managing Partner of Jacoby & Meyers. He is a noted consumer activist who represents injured people against corporate wrongdoers or irresponsible parties. Mr. Finkelstein has litigated wrongful death and personal injury cases arising from defective drugs and products, automobile accidents, falls caused by defective conditions, dog bites, bus accidents, motor cycle accidents, construction site accidents and air craft crashes. He has handled dozens of multi-million dollar cases. Representative cases include recovering $9 million for a client injured  at a construction site, $3.5 million for significant injuries sustained in a car accident, $4.5 million for catastrophic injuries sustained in a truck accident, $3.45 million for injuries sustained by a pedestrian struck by a car, and $2.25 million for significant injuries caused by a defective seat belt.

Regarding pharmaceutical litigation, Mr. Finkelstein has been appointed to several committees overseeing Nationwide litigation. Mr. Finkelstein is the Chairman of the Plaintiff Personal Injury Steering committee for the Neurontin Product Liability Multi District Litigation in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Finkelstein has worked closely with the FDA regarding the adverse effects associated with Neurontin, having filed a Citizens Petition seeking enhanced warnings of suicide. Additionally, Mr. Finkelstein is a member of the Executive Steering Committee of the Hormone Replacement Therapy Multi District Litigation in both Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Little Rock, Arkansas. Mr. Finkelstein is a member of the Plaintiff Steering Committee of the Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch New Jersey Coordinated Litigation.

Mr. Finkelstein is a frequent lecturer of Continuing Legal Education courses.  Some courses he has taught include “Science in the Courtroom”, “ Technology in the Courtroom”, “Prosecution of a Pharmaceutical Case”, “Ethics of On-Line Advertising”, and “Structured Settlements and the United States Supreme Court Personal Injury Settlement”. Mr. Finkelstein served as a Captain of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund in a pro bono capacity through Trial Lawyers Care. Finkelstein & Partners, through Mr. Finkelstein's oversight, obtained over $10 million and waived all legal fees associated with this representation.  Mr. Finkelstein was later honored by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America for his leadership participation in the program.  Mr. Finkelstein received the NYS Trial Lawyers Civil Justice Award in 2006, the NYS Trial Lawyers Presidents Award in 2002, 2003, and 2004.

Mr. Finkelstein is on the Board of Directors of the Empire State Bank, NA, a public corporation. In addition to sitting on the Bank's Board, Mr. Finkelstein is Chairman of the Loan and Credit Policy Committee. Additionally, Mr. Finkelstein sits on the Banks Charitable Trust Fund, Stock Option Committee, and the Compensation and Nominating Committee, as well as the Technology Committee.

Mr. Finkelstein also teaches other lawyers advanced trial practices at the nationally recognized Keenan Ball college.

Mr. Finkelstein is a professor at the renowned Keenan Trial Lawyer College where the best trial lawyers go to get pointers and hone their trial skills.

July 2017: Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein Receives Lifetime Achievement Recognition. America’s Top 100 Attorney Lifetime Achievement recognition is presented to select attorneys throughout the country. Less than .5% of all active attorneys in the United States will receive this honor. “Selection is not achieved based on a single accomplishment or a single great year of success, but rather on a lifetime of hard work, ethical stands, and community enriching accomplishments that are inspiring among the legal profession.” –America’s Top 100 Attorneys

June 2017: New York State Trial Lawyers Association Selects Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein to Lecture in 'Rideshare Insurance (Uber & Lyft), Perspectives on the New Law' Series, Designed to Help Lawyers Throughout New York State Navigate New Rideshare Laws - Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing companies were recently authorized to provide services starting July 1, 2017. This brings new issues for trial lawyers and Andrew Finkelstein will be teaching lawyers throughout New York State how to navigate the new laws. New York State Trial Lawyers Institute, the teaching arm of the New York State Trial Lawyers asked Mr. Finkelstein to teach lawyers throughout New York as he was actively involved in drafting and commenting on the authorizing legislation. Through the NYSTLA and Mr. Finkelstein’s participation and discussion with key members of the NYS legislature, New Yorkers have the greatest protections in the Nations should they be involved in a crash while in or with a ridesharing vehicle. Mr. Finkelstein will be lecturing in Westchester, Newburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton and Albany over the next several weeks.

December 2016: Lecture to the Maryland Association of Justice -  Andrew presented at the Reptile Black Letter Law Seminar at the University of Baltimore's Merrick School of Business. Reptile Black Letter Law seminars are intended to provide plaintiff attorneys with the legal background and skills needed to prepare effective strategies for trials.

April 2016 Lecture to the New Hampshire Associates of Justice: Reptile: The Black Letter Law Seminar- In 2009, Don Keenan and David Ball launched the Plaintiff’s revolution known as the “Reptile.” This revolution has garnered the attention of both the plaintiff and the defense bar for its game changing success.  Andrew was a panelist and presenter on Friday, 4/29, regarding strategies for prosecuting a personal injury case. Andrew presented regarding direct and cross examination and also sat on the ethics panel discussion.  The program was well received by the members of the bar.


January 2016: In 2015 Andrew was once again recognized as one of the top 100 civil plaintiff and criminal defense attorneys in the United States - As a special recognition of his accomplishment he was invited to Florida for the 2016 Trail Lawyers Summit, where retired NFL superstar Terry Bradshaw will serve as the keynote speaker at the awards ceremony.  

"It is my good fortune to lead an outstanding team of legal professionals who share my profound commitment to always providing the best possible outcomes for the clients we serve," said Finkelstein. "I am honored and humbled that this commitment on which our firm was built has earned me a place on The Trial Lawyer magazine's 100 Most Influential list."  - Andrew Finkelstein.

Two leading news sources, The Poughkeepsie Journal and The Times Union featured Andrew's honor in online publications. 

The Poughkeepsie Journal published an article highlighting Mr.Finkelstein's achievement in their "What's New on the Business Scene" publication. 

March 6 2014: Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein participated as a speaker on one of the panel discussions at the conference, Disruptive Innovation in the Market for Legal Services at Harvard Law School. Read More

March 20 and 21, 2014: Andrew Finkelstein was the keynote speaker at the 2014 Vista Conference in Houston, TX. where he discussed the changing landscape of legal services. Lawyers from all over the country attended the annual conference. "Contemplating change is not good enough for anyone and it is time to take action. Law firms are not just law firms, they are businesses and the world of business is ever-changing." - Andrew Finkelstein”

Recent Case Highlights:

$34,000,000 - Verdict against Pfizer. 

$12,700,000 - Settlement - Unsafe Working Conditions.

$9,250,000 - Settlement - Client Injured by Distracted Driver. 

$8,323,000 Settlement - Birth Medical Malpractice Causes Cerebral Palsy in Baby. Read more

$5,700,000 Jury Verdict - Runaway School Bus Results in Tragic Death. Read more

$4,087,077 - Settlement - Child Injured by Negligence / Product Liability. 

$4,000,000 - Verdict - Medical Malpractice. Read more

$3,500,000 - Settlement - Contractor Overworks Employee Who Falls Asleep at the Wheel. Read more

$2,800,000 - Settlement - Wrongful Death. 

$2,500,000 - Settlement - Distracted Driver Causes Broken Back.

$2,500,000 - Settlement - Forklift Operator Ignores Dangers.

$2,300,000 - Settlement - Workplace Accident. 

$2,300,000 - Settlement - Surgical Mistake.

$2,250,000 - Settlement - Nursing Home Abuse. 

$2,000,000 - Settlement - Contractor and Owner Fail To Provide Safety Device, Worker Injured in Ceiling Collapse. Read more

$2,000,000 - Settlement - School District held Accountable. 

$1,950,000 - Settlement - Client Hit in Rear. 

$1,800,000 - Settlement - Construction Injury. 

$1,625,000 - Settlement - Fall down at Train Station. 

$1,600,000 - Jury Verdict - Dog Bite. 

$1,500,000 - Distracted Driver in Supermarket Parking Lot Held Accountable for Hitting Shopper.

$1,500,000 - Settlement - Garbage Company Held Accountable for Motorcyclist Injured Due to No Reflectors on Dumpster 

$1,500,000 - Settlement - Communication Specialist Injury. 

$1,000,000 - Settlement Before Trial - Pedestrian Hit. 

$979,000 - Settlement, Balance of $1,000,000 Insurance Policy - Motorcycle Crash.    

$894,000 - Settlement - Case Too Big For Family Lawyer, Trucking Company. 

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LFM: Andrew G. Finkelstein 

 Andrew Finkelstein: Faculty of Keenan Trial Lawyer College