City Landlords Renting Unsafe, Illegal Apartments

The ABC investigative team, 7 on Your Side, recently published results of an investigation into illegal and dangerous apartments throughout New York City.

Many low income New Yorkers have a difficult time finding affordable housing. Slumlords throughout the city are capitalizing on the housing crisis by creating illegally converted apartments, many of which are not up to code.

“Tenants in the illegally converted units have encountered shoddy plumbing that led to significant water damage and mold, cramped conditions and in the worst of cases, several tenants have died when their units caught fire and lacked mandatory fire escapes.”-ABC 7 NY

Far too many landlords neglect to maintain their properties, and as a result, innocent people are hurt and killed. Poorly maintained properties create a heightened risk of fall down accidents, apartment fires, and so on. Our team of injury attorneys has successfully helped New York and New Jersey renters secure compensation for their injuries for more than 55 years. If you were injured at no fault of your own, contact us today.