Do you Live in a High Rise? You Should be Aware of These Safety Risks

According to statistics, as of April 2016 NYC had more than 6486 completed high-rise buildings lining city streets. For the many New Yorkers that call these buildings home, being aware of the risks of high-rise living may help to prevent injury and even death. 

Fire safety. 2017 was an especially tragic year in terms of injuries and deaths caused by fires in high-rise buildings. The National Safety Council suggests the following:

• Ensure all exits, corridors, and aisles are free and clear of obstruction. 

• Know who’s responsible for maintaining your building’s safety systems. Report any signs of damage or malfunction, or if you see anything blocking these devices. Also report fire or other hazards (i.e. blocked exits, piles of trash, unmarked stairwells, open or locked fire doors, flammable or combustible materials or debris, etc.) 

Fall protection. It is extremely important that high-rise buildings have the proper safety and security systems in place near balconies and windows to prevent tragic injuries. Children are especially susceptible to tragic falls from windows and balconies. If you suspect your apartment’s windows or balcony are not up to code contact your building manager as soon as possible. 

Unsafe or Unpermitted Construction work. Some NYC landlords are more concerned with profit than they are safety, and because of this opt to cut corners when it comes to building construction or maintenance. In 2017 additional regulations were put into place designed to protect New York City tenants from injury and harassment. Click here to read more.  

If you or a loved one were injured due to someone else’s negligence contact us today