Ultrasound Suit vs. Abort Doc

A Brooklyn woman claims a tragic medical error that resulted in the involuntary abortion of her unborn child.

Kimberly Hicks, 31, of East New York, was pregnant under the care of gynecologist Dr. Irina Cherepashinskaya Vaizman in 2011 when the doctor conducted an ultrasound. Vaizman had allegedly “failed to properly assess a viable child in utero”, according to a lawsuit Hicks filed last week in Brooklyn Supreme Court lawsuit.

The doctor, fearing an ectopic pregnancy, said she needed to end the pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies occur when a fetus implants itself outside a woman’s uterus. The longer the unviable fetus grows, the greater the risk of dangerous or fatal complication such as hemorrhaging.

The Women’s Choice clinic in Downtown Brooklyn administered drugs to end Hicks’ pregnancy, but it was later discovered that the abortion was unnecessary. Hicks says she would not have undergone the clinical abortion if she was fully informed of the accurate status of the child. Ultrasounds and sonograms can in fact reveal when a uterine pregnancy has been mistaken for an ectopic one, stresses Hicks’ lawyer, Marc Chase. Vaizman did not return a call seeking comment.

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