Driver Accused of Killing Williamsburg Family Refuses to Accept Blame: “Accidents Happen”

The driver who has been charged with manslaughter for the hit-and-run crash that killed a Williamsburg couple and their unborn child refuses to accept the blame for the accident. He says to ABC in a jailhouse interview “Sure, I played a part. I couldn’t stop. Accidents happen. I’m sad. It was a tragedy.”

The driver, Julio Acevedo, had been traveling at 69 miles per hour when he collided with a cab carrying the young Williamsburg couple, who were on their way to the hospital on March 3rd. The baby was born prematurely at the scene, but died soon after. Acevedo is being held without bail on three counts of vehicular manslaughter. Acevedo, who had previously done  time for the murder of Kelvin Martin (the original 50 Cent) had been charged with a DWI just two weeks before the crash. He stated that he had been driving recklessly the night of March 3rd because someone had shot at him in retaliation for the Martin killing.

Acevedo, who fled the scene at the time of the incident, said if he could do it over he would not have fled. He turned himself in to police four days after the accident.

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