Preventing Construction Site Injuries, More Delays for Potentially Life Saving Legislation

Construction site injuries and deaths are on the rise- workers know it, City Council knows it and other City officials know it too, but for some reason a potentially lifesaving bill is being delayed, again.

The bill in question would require all construction workers on projects over three stories receive 59 hours of safety training. A lack of safety training is directly linked to construction site injuries and deaths.

“Construction accidents have been climbing in recent years, with many of the victims being undocumented immigrants, sometimes poorly trained. A New York Times investigation in late 2015 into construction fatalities revealed that the surge in deaths and injuries far exceeded the growth rate of new construction over a comparable period, and that in the cases in which workers died, supervision was inadequate, and basic steps had not been taken to prevent workers from falling. The investigation also found that because of the urgency to finish these projects as rapidly as possible, workers who often lacked adequate training had to take dangerous shortcuts.”-The NY Times

Far too many construction workers are injured and killed in completely preventable situations. Those in the construction industry have prioritized profit over worker safety for too long.  If an employer’s disregard for worker safety causes an injury or death, we’ll hold them accountable. Click here to learn more.