More Than Half of Fatal Bronx Accidents Involve Speeding

Busy schedules and impatience are sometimes deadly factors in Bronx accidents. Drivers who ignore posted speed limits due to running late for an appointment or a fit of road rage place others at risk for serious harm. Other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists can suffer serious injuries or an untimely death due to drivers who lose control due to excessive speed. If you are the victim of a speeding and careless Bronx driver, contact auto accident lawyers Bronx today to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Speeding Is More Than Breaking the Law

Speeding Car AccidentThe consequences of speeding are more than a speeding ticket. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) lists the following possible outcomes of speeding:

  • Diminished effectiveness of in-car protection equipment
  • Increased stopping distance once a driver is aware of a danger
  • Greater potential for losing vehicle control
  • Increased severity of crash impact, leading to severe injuries

Drivers who press the gas pedal harder can make your life harder, and that is unfair. The severity of your injuries can forever impact your quality of life. Once simple tasks such as bathing can become difficult without assistance. Holding speeding drivers accountable is where a Bronx car accident lawyer can help you. Our staff understands the confusion and anxiety our clients face following a severe accident. With more than 50 years of experience helping accident victims, we stand ready to help you during this challenging time. New York City police may charge the driver for the accident. However, a traffic ticket does nothing for your damages. Pursuing civil action against the negligent driver is easier with the help of a Bronx car accident lawyer.

The High Cost of Fast Driving

Bad weather, road conditions, and/or running late can cause a driver to lose control in a second. The careless actions of a Bronx driver who ignores traffic rules and regulations can cause injuries that are painful, perhaps permanent, and expensive. Chances are your injuries prevent you from returning to work—now or possibly forever. No one expects to suffer serious harm by going for a run, riding a bicycle, or driving to work. A speeding driver can appear suddenly, leaving another road user no time to escape the violent impact. The devastating outcomes of a speeding driver for accident victims can include the following types of injuries:

Spinal Cord Damage

An injury to this important part of the body can result in partial or complete paralysis. Living with such a catastrophic injury is costly, with an estimated lifetime cost of more than 1 million. Many spinal cord patients rely on some type of power chair for mobility. Additionally, there is often a need for vehicle modifications or a chair-accessible van. Replacement of these and other types of essential items is necessary throughout time. Payment for such costs should come from the drive liable for your spinal cord injury and not your personal finances.

Traumatic Brain Injury

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines a brain injury as a bump, blow, or penetrating head injury that disrupts normal brain function. Cognitive and motor skills, along with changes in sensation and behavior, can require extensive therapy. A severe TBI can severely impact a loved one and make it too difficult to care for them alone. Hiring caregivers or placing your loved one in a skilled nursing facility is costly. Your Bronx car accident lawyer can help you demand justice for your loved one and help you fight for compensation for their care.

Bone Fractures

A speeding driver can cause more than a broken arm. For vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and bicyclists, the results are sometimes multiple fractures that require a lengthy recovery. Surgeries and physical therapy can cause you to miss significant time away from work. Your medical costs continue to climb while your pay deposits stop, making your recovery stressful. By hiring a member of our team, you can rest easier knowing someone is at work pursuing compensation from the responsible party.

Internal Injuries

No sight of blood may cause you enormous relief until a doctor discovers internal injuries. These particular types of injuries, such as internal bleeding, are dangerous and sometimes life-threatening. Internal injuries can cause organ damage. A proper diagnosis is only possible by a medical professional using the appropriate testing. Always seek immediate medical attention following an accident, regardless of how you feel or a lack of visible injury. These are just a few examples of the types of injuries possible due to a speeding Bronx driver. If you or a loved one suffered severe injuries due to a reckless driver, contact us for a free case evaluation today.

Fatal Bronx Speeding Accidents

If you lost a close loved one due to a speeding Bronx driver, you may qualify for legal action. Your relationship with the victim is key to whether you may pursue a wrongful death claim and lawsuit. Compensation can never replace your loved one. It can, however, possibly alleviate the financial stress you experience due to your sudden loss. For surviving spouses, pursuing compensation is generally vital to paying for funeral costs and final medical expenses. In addition to these and other economic damages, wrongful death cases typically involve non-economic damages. The loss of companionship, for example, is one type of non-economic damage you may experience. It is extremely difficult to convey the significant impact of your loss to an insurance company or at trial. contact a Bronx car accident lawyer today for a free case evaluation and to learn if you qualify for possible compensation.

Your Bronx Speeding Accident Case Requires Fast Action

A serious accident can overwhelm you with various important details. The disruption to your daily routine can require phone calls to your employer and others. One phone call that you want to make is to a car accident Bronx attorney.

What Is the Statute of Limitations To File A Claim?

The statute of limitations in New York law restricts how long you have to file a civil lawsuit. Once the deadline passes, you generally have no option to pursue compensation. Under New York law, you must file the following types of cases within the established timelines:

  • Personal injury: Three years from the accident
  • Wrongful death: Two years from the date of death

Delaying a call to a New York attorney is too easy to do; however, making it a priority is essential for your case. Investigating an accident and building a strong case for compensation takes time—something that is not on your side. Insurance adjusters take quick action and you should too. Protect your best interests by not speaking with an insurance company representative alone and do not accept a settlement without a lawyer present. The decisions you make immediately following your accident are crucial for your future medical needs. And, while the responsible driver may face criminal charges or traffic citations, you may still pursue civil action against them.

You Can Help Us, Help You

Your injuries may cause you to feel helpless when it comes to your case. There are ways you can help your lawyer build your case. Providing us with the following types of evidence and information relating to your accident, injuries, or loss can save your lawyer valuable time here are some helpful tips about what you should do after an accident:

  • Accident scene photographs
  • Contact information for witnesses
  • A copy of the official police report
  • Medical reports and bills for your injuries
  • Wage information regarding your lost income or that of a spouse

If you do not possess this information, our team can collect it. As part of our client service, we maintain open communication and provide consistent updates. You do not have to be in the dark regarding the events of your claim and lawsuit. The Bronx car accident lawyer you hire can protect your best interests. Accident victims and their families find our team compassionate and caring. When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, we are firm and determined negotiators on behalf of our clients.

What Are The Common Reasons Why People Speed?

Everyone has a responsibility to share Bronx city streets responsibly. According to the NHTSA, drivers who speed do so for the following reasons:

  • Time: running late is a key factor in many speeding accidents.
  • Traffic congestion: sharing the road with others can lead to instances of road rage.
  • Disregard for the law: some drivers simply do not care about posted speed limits.
  • Anonymity: drivers sometimes experience detachment from others that surround them.

No matter why the driver responsible for your harm or loss chose to speed, you deserve justice and compensation. Get a Bronx car accident lawyer to work on your behalf.

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A traumatic accident forever impacts your quality of life. The negligent party is generally liable for the damages that result. From your medical costs to lost wages and pain and suffering, these damages are worth the pursuit of possible compensation. There is no fast solution to your current situation, but accepting a smaller settlement than you deserve is not a viable option. An insurance company representative may present you with a settlement for more money than you have ever seen. Do not accept the offer without contacting your Bronx car accident lawyer. The reality of initial settlement offers is that the majority is for far less than accident victims deserve. Accepting an initial settlement offer generally prohibits you from pursuing additional compensation later. This is especially troubling if your medical condition worsens. Protecting your best interests is where your Bronx car accident lawyer can help you. They can spot insurance company tactics and counter them. Bronx city streets are busy places, no matter the time of day. If a careless driver forever changed your life, pursuing civil action is your right. If you suffered severe injuries or suffered a devastating loss due to a speeding Bronx driver, contact an attorney. The clock is ticking now, making time of the utmost importance. A free case evaluation and no legal fees unless we win leave you nothing to lose by reaching out to a car accident lawyer today. The trauma or grief you suffered is unfair and demands accountability.