Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle accidents are usually very serious. These types of accidents have a higher death rate than auto accidents in the United States. While motorcycle accident statistics are chilling, these accidents are completely preventable. By observing motorcycle safety precautions, as well as the rules of the road, motorcycle riding can become much less dangerous.

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One of the most effective forms of motorcycle safety, is getting your motorcycle safety education. In most states, if you are going to get your motorcycle license, you must take a skills test accompanied by a safety course. In the event that your state does not require motorcycle safety, you should still take it. Motorcycle safety courses teach inexperienced riders the rules of the road that apply to motorcycle riders, as well as procedures to take if faced with an emergency while riding your motorcycle. These courses also allow you to gain confidence by practicing motorcycle skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Another way to practice motorcycle safety, is to ensure that you wear the proper riding gear. Motorcycle riders have high body exposure while on the road. For this reason it is important to always cover your entire body. This means pants and a jacket made of leather, or a similar heavy material to protect you in the event that your motorcycle crashes and your skin comes in contact with the pavement. Boots or other sturdy shoes with a rugged sole are also essential pieces of motorcycle safety gear. Should your bike tip over and land on your foot, sturdy boots will help protect your feet from serious injury.

Practicing motorcycle safety, just as in car driving safety, means paying attention to the road at all times. Riding a motorcycle while distracted can result in disaster. Motorcycle riders already have a disadvantage on the road, as many car drivers can’t see them. For this reason, motorcycle riders must always stay hyper-aware of everything going on around them. Taking your hands off the bike or eyes off the road, even for a second is extremely hazardous. Phone calls and text messages should be saved until you have safely reached your destination. In the event of an emergency, pull over until your phone call or text message has been completed.

The most important safety procedure you can take when riding a motorcycle, is wearing a department of safety approved helmet. You’ll want to make sure that your helmet fits properly, so that it does not obstruct your view while maximizing head protection. Helmet rules vary from state to state for motorcycle riders. However, wearing a helmet is essential to motorcycle safety, whether your state calls for it or not.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact the law office of Jacoby & Meyers, LLP NY today.

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