Distracted Driving is Worse than Ever

The truth is in the numbers. Preliminary statistics from the first six months of 2016 indicate a 10% increase in highway deaths compared to the same period in 2015. Up until last year the number of individuals killed in traffic crashes had been steadily declining, yet 2015 data revealed the largest annual percentage increase in 50 years.

Of the factors that contribute to traffic crashes, driver distraction takes the lead. Distracted driving laws in New York prohibit drivers from using hand held devices behind the wheel, but permits drivers to talk on their phones via blue tooth and other devices. Studies have shown that drivers using hands-free devise are still distracted, the only difference being the classification of the distraction (typing a text is an example of a mechanical distraction, focusing on a phone conversation is a cognitive distraction).

Vehicles are emerging with more built in technology, which again often serves as a distraction to drivers.

In the greater New York City area roads are flooded with pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles. It’s crucial that we as New Yorkers drive distraction free. Collectively we can make a difference.

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