Important Info About Bronx Pedestrian Accidents

How They Occur and What to Do if You Suffer Injury

Pedestrian accidents are rising across the state of New York. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents often lead to severe injuries, including head and neck injuries, back injuries, broken bones, and death. If a pedestrian accident causes serious injury to you or a loved one, pursue compensation through a personal injury claim with the help with one of our Bronx pedestrian accident lawyers.

Bronx Pedestrian Accidents by the Numbers

Pedestrian accidents occur all too often.

Take a look at the following statistics.

  • An average of 200 pedestrians die or suffer severe injuries in Bronx pedestrian accidents each year, with approximately four pedestrian deaths or severe pedestrian injuries per week.
  • Pedestrian accidents make up about 54 percent of traffic fatalities in the Bronx.
  • Overnight pedestrian fatalities account for approximately 31 percent of traffic fatalities in the Bronx. Across the rest of New York, this number is just 21 percent.
  • Around 8 percent of pedestrian fatalities in the Bronx involve a big truck.
  • Around 85 percent of pedestrian fatalities in the Bronx occur because of dangerous driver choices.

New York is working to help reduce the risk of severe accidents for pedestrians. Nevertheless, the Bronx continues to see many pedestrian accidents and fatalities each year.

Why Does the Bronx Pose a High Danger to Pedestrians?

The Bronx has higher pedestrian accident and fatality rates than broader New York City. Unfortunately, the Bronx has several potential challenges that increase the risk of pedestrian accidents.

Poor Visibility

Important Info About Bronx Pedestrian AccidentsSome Bronx intersections are difficult to cross safely due to poor visibility for drivers. For example, at the intersection of 3rd and Brook, drivers do not have adequate visibility of pedestrians, raising the risk of a pedestrian accident. Poor lighting at night also makes it difficult for drivers to safely navigate around pedestrians.

Arterial Roadways

Busy arterial roadways, or high-capacity urban roads, occur throughout the Bronx. Though they make up only around 16 percent of the roads in the Bronx, according to New York’s pedestrian safety accident plan for the Bronx, they make up about 66 percent of pedestrian accidents.

Frequent crashes may occur on:

  • Grand Concourse
  • 3rd Avenue
  • Fordham Road

Arterial streets have a much higher volume of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. They also have complicated traffic patterns that are more difficult to navigate, even for savvy Bronx pedestrians.

Inadequate Crossing Opportunities

Pedestrians often rely on crosswalks to safely cross the street. Unfortunately, the Bronx does not always offer adequate crosswalks. Pedestrians are more likely to cross in the middle of the street instead of waiting to use a crosswalk.

Drivers often fail to note the presence of pedestrians in the middle of the road, with no crosswalk to indicate their intent to cross, so they are more likely to engage in dangerous behaviors, raising the risk of an accident.

The New York Pedestrian Safety Accident Plan for the Bronx notes that an estimated 28 percent of Bronx pedestrian accidents occur when a pedestrian crosses the street in the middle of a block rather than at a planned crossing.

Inadequate Medians

In some areas of the Bronx, like the intersection at Grand Concourse & E. 149th St, the street does not offer an adequate median to protect pedestrians. Pedestrians may step out into the road, raising the risk of a serious accident.

Dangerous Times of Day

The Pedestrian Accident Safety Plan for the Bronx notes that just 16 percent of Bronx pedestrian accidents occur during rush hours. The report notes that the Bronx sees higher vehicle traffic and higher pedestrian traffic during these hours.

Drivers who know they can expect to see a high volume of pedestrians are more likely to move slower through the streets and to share the road safely. During overnight hours, when pedestrians are less visible, and drivers are less aware of the potential presence of pedestrians, there is a higher risk for pedestrian accidents.

Many Bronx residents work non-traditional hours, which means they are more likely to commute in the dark. Lack of adequate lighting on many streets, combined with tired pedestrians who are more likely to cross in dangerous locations, contributes to the risk of overnight pedestrian accidents.

Dangerous Driver Behaviors

The vast majority of Bronx pedestrian accidents occur because of dangerous driver behaviors. Drivers engage in various dangerous behaviors that increase the risk of pedestrian accidents.


A speeding driver must focus carefully on the road to reduce the risk of a catastrophic collision with either a pedestrian or another vehicle. Unfortunately, many Bronx drivers speed through the area, despite tight streets and steady traffic flows. A speeding driver may have a hard time stopping in time to avoid traffic signals and pedestrians.

Distracted Driving

Despite New York’s stringent laws on cell phone use while driving, many Bronx drivers continue to distract themselves behind the wheel. Visitors to the area may need to navigate via GPS, causing distraction. Other drivers may become distracted by changing music, eating, or drinking.

Some Bronx commuters may deliberately engage in distracting behaviors, such as putting on makeup, reviewing meeting notes, or finishing getting ready for the day while driving. Unfortunately, distraction increases a driver’s risk of causing an accident.

Failure to Yield

In New York, as in many other areas of the country, pedestrians have the right of way once they enter a crosswalk. Pedestrians may also have the right of way when a traffic signal clearly displays their right to cross.

Unfortunately, some drivers completely ignore the presence of traffic signals, choosing instead to push through intersections without awareness of potential pedestrians.

Failure to yield can mean a collision with a pedestrian. While some pedestrians may successfully get out of the way of a moving vehicle, others may have inadequate time to respond to those dangers.

Dangerous Pedestrian Behaviors

While driver behaviors can substantially increase the risk of a pedestrian accident, pedestrian behavior can also raise the risk of a severe accident.


According to a study in Manhattan, around one in four pedestrians face a technology-related distraction. Individuals distracted by a mobile device have difficulty paying attention to potential hazards around them, raising the risk that they will inadvertently walk out into traffic, miss a changing traffic signal, or fail to note the dangers of a vehicle around them. Pedestrians distracted by technology could bear liability for an accident caused by their negligence.

Failure to Yield

Like drivers, pedestrians must pay careful attention to the traffic flow around them, including whether they have the right of way and can safely cross an intersection. Some pedestrians may try to jump in front of traffic to get across the street faster. This dangerous behavior makes it difficult for drivers to see or respond to them in time, substantially raising the risk of an accident.


Inebriated pedestrians often make poor decisions or engage in dangerous behaviors. They may ignore traffic regulations or weave unpredictably, making it more difficult for drivers around them to determine what they intend to do next. As a result, drunk pedestrians raise accident risk.

Increased Dangers for Seniors

According to the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan for the Bronx, seniors make up around 36 percent of Bronx pedestrian fatalities, though they make up only around 12 percent of the population. Seniors cross slower than other pedestrians. They often need more time to gather themselves and make safe decisions as they cross the road. In some cases, the Bronx’s traffic signals do not offer adequate crossing time for seniors. Dangerous drivers may not give seniors sufficient time to cross before driving through the intersection.

How to Protect Yourself After a Pedestrian Accident in the Bronx

A Bronx pedestrian accident can lead to catastrophic injuries. After an injury occurs, you should act fast to protect yourself. Seek medical attention from conveniently located hospitals, including NYC Health or the BronxCare Health System. If you suffered severe injuries, you might require ambulance transport away from the scene.

1. Follow the instructions given by your medical care providers.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may face several potential challenges as you recover from your pedestrian injuries. Listen carefully to your medical care providers and follow their instructions as closely as possible. Make sure you attend your appointments and receive any necessary medical care. Failure to follow medical care instructions could prevent you from getting the compensation you ultimately deserve for your injuries.

2. Keep track of your ongoing medical costs.

The higher your medical costs, the more compensation you need when you later file an injury claim. Keep track of your rising medical bills and include them in your claim. Since you may receive multiple medical bills for the same procedure, it is difficult to fully calculate your medical bills if you do not keep track of them as they come in.

3. Do not accept the insurance company’s initial compensation offer.

The insurance company covering the liable driver may contact you soon after the accident and pressure you to take a settlement offer. However, that settlement offer may include just a fraction of the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Talk to a lawyer before accepting any settlement offer. The insurance company may pressure you to accept a fast settlement to serve its interests. However, you likely deserve considerably more compensation than the insurance company initially indicates.

4. Work with a lawyer to learn more about your rights.

Andrew Finkelstein Jacoby & Meyers LLP

Bronx Pedestrian Accident Lawyer, Andrew Finkelstein

A Bronx pedestrian accident lawyer can help you learn more about your specific rights following a serious injury. The more severe your pedestrian accident injuries, the more support you need. A lawyer will work to collect evidence to establish who caused your accident and protect you as you deal with the aftermath.

5. Avoid communicating with the insurance company on your own.

The insurance company may attempt to prove that you caused the accident or do not deserve the compensation you need to cover your injury-related expenses. Instead, let your lawyer guide you through these interactions with the insurance company so you can maximize your compensation and your peace of mind.

Do You Need a Bronx Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

If you suffered injuries in a Bronx pedestrian accident, you need a Bronx personal injury accident lawyer to help you move forward with a pedestrian accident claim. Contact a lawyer as soon after your accident as possible to learn more about your right to compensation.