Have You Been Involved in an Accident?

If you are injured in a car crash, you should try to gather as much information at the accident scene if possible. The more information you have, the more beneficial it will be for your claim, and the easier it will be to file a claim with your insurance company and increase your compensation. The first piece of information you should obtain is the other party’s car make, year, model, license plate number and vehicle i.d. number. It is also important to gather the names addresses, and contact numbers of everyone involved in the accident, as well as the driver’s insurance information. If there are any witnesses, you should get their contact information as well. Taking photos or videos of the accident will also help your claim. If you or anyone else is injured, call emergency medical services. Make sure to get the name and badge number of the police officer at the scene, and request a police report as well. If your vehicle is blocking traffic or in any travel lane, try to move it to a safe location if you are able.

There are also some things you should not do if involved in a car accident. Although you may be distressed, do not confront the other driver in a physical or aggressive manner. If the other driver flees the scene, do not follow them. You may be putting yourself and others in danger and such actions will not help your claim. Also, do not give detailed statements to anyone but law enforcement. Your attorney can speak with the negligible party’s attorney, insurance companies and adjusters on your behalf to help maximize the compensation you are owed.