Does Your Employer Focus on Injury Prevention?

What do your employers do to help maintain a safe environment?

Often times employers, in an attempt to save money or preserve resources, neglect to provide employees with a safe work environment or basic safety training. Ironically this type of thinking often costs employers more in the long run. When a workplace injury occurs the costs can quickly mount.

Between medical expenses and loss wages, the most costly injuries workers suffer are amputations followed by broken bones/crush injuries.  Trauma and burns account for the third and fourth most costly injuries at work.

Have you ever felt unsafe at work?

Employers who focus more on prevention and keep workers safety a priority will save great employees as well as money.   Safety programs that protect against the most dangerous risks – falls or height related risks – will protect construction workers.

Contact an experienced work accident lawyer to help you understand the legal process for seeking to recover your expenses through a personal injury lawsuit.

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