Insurers See Hike in Dog-Bite Cases


The total number of dog-bite claims cost insurance companies $27,862 last year, a new record. Last year, the claims climbed 5.5% to 17,359, which broke the 2003 record. New York State had the costliest attacks among states with the most incidents.

The assaults cost the insurance industry nearly $483.7 million. The average cost in New York State was $43,122 per claim, compared with $27,862 nationwide.

Almost 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year, and about a fifth of those incidents require medical attention, according to the U.S. CDC. Most bites take place when dogs are not leashed by their owners.

Prevent your dog from becoming a biter with these simple tips:

•         Encourage your dog to play non-aggressive games such as “go fetch” instead of tug of war

•         Teach kids not to disturb a dog when they are eating or sleeping

•         Never leave a dog alone with an infant

•         Always leash your dog when outside in public areas or in the yard with no fence

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