New York Accident Statistics

New York is home to nearly 20 million people. It is known for its towering skyscrapers and sprawling city skylines, as well as the iconic and majestic Niagara Falls. Almost half of the state’s residents live in New York City and the five boroughs within its borders: Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. It is the gateway for legal immigration to the United States and home to more than 3.2 million immigrants. It is one of the largest cities in the world.

It is also a dangerous place to drive a motor vehicle. From car accidents to truck crashes and everything in between, residents of New York suffer serious injuries in accidents on virtually every major street and freeway.

Some of the most dangerous roads in the state include:

  • Interstate 90
  • Interstate 81
  • Interstate 87
  • Hempstead Turnpike
  • Sunrise Highway
  • Jericho Turnpike
  • Upper Broadway
  • Henry Hudson Parkway
  • Broadway
  • Grand Concourse
  • Neptune Avenue
  • Hylan Boulevard
  • Woodhaven Boulevard

These are just a few of the dangerous streets and intersections throughout the state where accidents frequently occur.

How Bad Are New York City Accidents?

In the last decade, motor vehicle accidents have been on the rise across the state. Since 2009, motor vehicle crashes in New York increased by 38 percent. While personal injury crashes decreased slightly during that time thanks to improvements in safety features, property damage increased.

During that decade, fatal crashes decreased, as well as moderate crashes. Minor crashes, however, did increase slightly from 86,580 minor accidents in 2009 to 87,295 minor accidents in 2018. During that time property damage crashes increased from 135,534 accidents in 2009 to 287,144 accidents in 2018—more than double!

Unfortunately, alcohol-related car accidents rose during the last decade. In 2009, there were 8,873 drunk driving accidents. By 2018, that number had increased to 9,429 accidents. Speeding accidents also increased drastically during the last ten years. In 2008, speeding drivers caused 28,877 accidents. By 2018, over 36,000 speeding drivers contributed to injury and property damage accidents across the state.

Accident numbers vary from year to year and borough to borough, but New York City has seen increases in total traffic injuries in recent years—from 49,882 in 2013 to 60,652 in 2018. We tend to see more crashes in warmer weather months—May through September—than in the rest of the year.

In 2020, the COVID-19 shutdown of the city reduced the number of accidents from previous years, but crashes started increasing again as people adjusted to the pandemic. Bicycle accidents are at an all-time high.

What About Truck Accidents in New York?

Sadly, truck accidents in New York increased 85 percent over the last decade, from 11,100 truck accidents in 2009 to more than 20,500 truck accidents in 2018. These accidents contributed to numerous injuries and fatalities across the state. An average of 80 people every year lose their lives in New York truck accidents.

We’ve Collected the Data for You

At Jacoby & Meyers, LLP, we know that one of the best ways we can advocate for our injured clients is by understanding the accident trends in New York. These trends can give us insight to the accidents and issues facing New York residents. We want to help you understand those trends and how they may affect your injury case. To do this, we have compiled the latest statistics and research where you live. From the Staten Island to Manhattan, and across the state, these statistics can help you learn more about the dangers you face on the road in New York.

Car Accident Statistics in New York


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New York City Motor Vehicle Collision Report – 2020

Total Accidents141861358510876403559237454910095839429947588928296
Injured People18541770140867511571581185820572017182517951529
Bicycle Accidents234232249124329580679697693585504317
Bus Accidents51447233847105114142139211272207228
Motorcycle Accidents82791038918427332026429720918473
Truck Accidents10421084880246435573636661640679611628

Manhattan Motor Vehicle Collision Report – 2020

Total Accidents2372248018415297861048132514021383146213791223
Injured People16619912485141170220210199199208175
Bicycle Accidents9311391409915316515715115513983
Bus Accidents11612699101730343447623360
Motorcycle Accidents132115164260724454423518
Truck Accidents25428321743651131001319912610993

The Bronx Motor Vehicle Collision Report – 2020

Total Accidents25722379198087412641532180319581868189618451548
Injured People379339299131241311353386409401382292
Bicycle Accidents2633381957107105108100777640
Bus Accidents104966751821222430655290
Motorcycle Accidents201018253750635176544910
Truck Accidents20021817565112124141162148166132243

Brooklyn Motor Vehicle Collision Report – 2020

Total Accidents428841173468128219142476299430853126296328612671
Injured People542509408208392514583670644535566487
Bicycle Accidents958012460136207246292272237195119
Bus Accidents18015195143235415080877589
Motorcycle Accidents2328382747831087586565525
Truck Accidents32730828068139179206199206218204210

Queens Motor Vehicle Collision Report – 2020

Total Accidents448842033235113616742086260626552612268324122402
Injured People655615508203321498592659662596558475
Bicycle Accidents59514328801301421471641169278
Bus Accidents1019063133421422547454336
Motorcycle Accidents241928184568667472503518
Truck Accidents23625719163103138171158167147153164

Staten Island Motor Vehicle Collision Report – 2020

Total Accidents466406352214285312372483440471395452
Injured People112108694862881101321039481100
Bicycle Accidents115781471816945
Bus Accidents13914547367346
Motorcycle Accidents2143131211209710
Truck Accidents25181771619181120221316

New York City Motor Vehicle Collision Report – 2021

Total Accidents743168598120
Injured People141512431672
Bicycle Accidents287149328
Bus Accidents216233240
Motorcycle Accidents6429153
Truck Accidents558609652

Manhattan Motor Vehicle Collision Report – 2021

Total Accidents10709341209
Injured People146124163
Bicycle Accidents935799
Bus Accidents353741
Motorcycle Accidents8719
Truck Accidents10795115

The Bronx Motor Vehicle Collision Report – 2021

Total Accidents144312481628
Injured People269228372
Bicycle Accidents462634
Bus Accidents444232
Motorcycle Accidents  17250
Truck Accidents112111169

Brooklyn Motor Vehicle Collision Report – 2021

Total Accidents241323192704
Injured People448415546
Bicycle Accidents10447119
Bus Accidents8418894
Motorcycle Accidents181450
Truck Accidents188220225

Queens Motor Vehicle Collision Report – 2021

Total Accidents214319712224
Injured People476394508
Bicycle Accidents451964
Bus Accidents474549
Motorcycle Accidents16644
Truck Accidents134158121

Staten Island Motor Vehicle Collision Report – 2021

Total Accidents362387355
Injured People768283
Bicycle Accidents3012
Bus Accidents686
Motorcycle Accidents508
Truck Accidents172522