Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe in a Nursing Home

Before making the difficult decision to place your loved one in a nursing home, it is important to thoroughly research the facility you are considering. Nursing home abuse and neglect continues to be a frightening and much too frequent occurrence and families should be educated about the culture, management and operation of any facility they choose.

Although there is no way to know about abuse that is not reported, you can look up the name of the nursing home in federal inspection data and see whether it has been cited for any kind of abuse or neglect in the last three years.

When beginning your research, go to the federal Nursing Home Compare website to look up facilities by name or location. On the first page of results, you will see a star rating for the facility based upon factors such as staffing levels. If there is a history of abuse or any other inspection problems, it will be reflected in the Health Inspection Ratings. You can click on the health inspection rating to see a summary of the nursing home’s most recent inspection. From there, you can click on View All Health Inspections. For more details, go to a specific date and click on View Full Report. From the main profile page for the facility, click on Penalties to see if an inspection resulted in fines or payment denials. If you want to review older citations, you can download archived reports or public records on that state’s websites. This information has been gathered by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services which regulates more than 15,000 facilities that receive government reimbursements for residents’ care and the information is used to rate the facilities.

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