Massachusetts Officer Helps NYC Traumatic Brain Injury Victim Find His Way Home

Early this month a NYC man found himself alone and confused standing outside of an Attleboro, Massachusetts gas station. 

According to officials the 70 year old man is a brain injury victim and a resident of a New York City assisted living facility. On Friday, January 8th the elderly man got on a bus and headed to Providence, RI.

Upon arriving in Providence the man got in a cab and instructed the cabbie to head towards Attleboro, MA. When the man was unsure of where his actual destination was the cab driver dropped him off at gas station. It was just 30 degrees that day. 

Attleboro Police came to the man’s aide in a big and quite compassionate way. Not only did they purchase him a train ticket home, but they also provided him with a warm meal.

The notable kindness of the Attleboro Police prevented this story from having a potentially tragic ending.  

Those who have suffered a brain injury,  have a loved one who has suffered a brain injury may relate to many aspects of the scenario described above.

According to victims of TBI (traumatic brain injury) often have memory problems and suffer from confusion and behave impulsively. While boarding a bus and traveling several states without actually having a planned destination seems outlandish to someone functioning without a brain injury, a TBI victim may lack the cognitive ability to fully evaluate such situations

Any number of events can lead to a traumatic brain injury, including: car accidents, slip and falls, construction accidents, and so on. 

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