Top Workplace Violations

In 2016 nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries occurred in the U.S. The vast majority of workplace injuries are preventable if the proper safety protocols are not in place. Each year OSHA releases a report of the most cited workplace violations. Here is the list from 2017:

Fall protection/General Requirements.

Example: A general contractor does not provide employees working on a roof with guardrail systems/safety net systems/personal fall arrest systems etc.

Hazard Communication.

Example: An employer fails to provide employees with information and training on how to handle hazardous chemicals. This puts employees at risk for serious burns and other injuries.


Example: Proper braces/protection isn’t provided to prevent workers from falling to lower levels.

Respiratory Protection.

Example: An employer fails to assign or implement a written respiratory protection program with worksite specific procedures.


Example: An employer fails to inspect energy control procedures at least annually.


Example: An employer fails to tag a broken or defective ladder with “DO NOT USE” or similar language.

Powered Industrial Trucks

Example: An employer fails to service a truck that is in need of repair, is defective, or in any way unsafe.

Machine Guarding

Example: An employer does not ensure employees are protected from dangers associated machinery (rotating parts, sharp edges, flying chips, and sparks).

Fall Protection-Training Requirements

Example: An employer does not provide a training program for each employee who might be exposed to fall hazards.

Electrical/Wiring Methods.

Example: An employer does not verify electrical boxes are properly labeled with covers that identify the purpose of the box.

Each and every day hard working men and women are injured in situations that could have been avoided. We encourage you to share this information and speak up if your workplace is lacking in safety protocols.

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