R&B Corp of Virginia Data Breach

In May 2023, a Newport News, Virginia-based debt collection company called R&B Corporation of Virginia, which does business as Credit Control Corporation (CCC), gave notice to state regulators that in March of this year it “became aware of unusual activity involving certain systems within its network.”

After an investigation, the company determined that between March 2 and 7, certain files on its network were copied in a “cyber incident.” The information taken related to the customers of CCC’s clients, including those individuals’ names, Social Security numbers, and in some cases, driver’s license numbers.

In total, the personal data of hundreds of thousands of individuals may have been exposed in the breach, many of them customers of healthcare companies for which CCC collects debts.

Victims Have Potentially Valuable Legal Rights

Since May, CCC has sent notices to the many people potentially impacted by the breach of its systems, alerting them to the incident and the potential risks of identity theft and fraud they may face.

R&B Corp of Virginia Data Breach

Cyber criminals target the computer systems of debt collection companies looking for names and identifying information like Social Security numbers they can use to commit fraud against financial institutions, government programs, retailers, and others.

Their crimes saddle victims of these thefts with unwanted debts, ruined credit scores and tarnished online and offline reputations that could make it difficult to rent a home, get a job, or secure a loan.

Years may pass before victims know the full extent of the damage done. Addressing the fallout can consume enormous effort and often costs tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention inflicting extreme emotional distress.

Victims of the R&B Corporation of Virginia/CCC data breach should not give up hope, however. If CCC notified you the penetration of its systems exposed your sensitive data, or if you have reason to think the cyber criminals who took aim at CCC may have obtained your information because CCC has tried to collect a debt from you in the past, you may have the right to take legal action against those responsible and to demand material financial compensation.

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In a remote or in-person meeting, an experienced legal professional can review your situation, assess your potential risks, and explain possible steps our team can take to hold CCC or others accountable for the harm you’ve suffered or may suffer.

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The R&B Corporation of Virginia/CCC data breach may have exposed the sensitive personal and financial information of hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans.

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