Onix Group Data Breach

Onix Group unfortunately fell victim to a cybersecurity incident recently. For people associated with Onix or the companies that rely on its services, understanding the breach’s scope and taking proactive measures is necessary. Let’s dive into what happened and how you can protect your data.

The Onix Group Cybersecurity Incident

Onix Group Data Breach

On March 27, 2023, Onix Group detected a ransomware attack on its internal computer systems. Responding promptly, the company secured its systems and initiated an investigation, enlisting the expertise of cybersecurity professionals.

This in-depth investigation revealed that an unauthorized person had accessed the Onix network from March 20 to March 27, 2023.

They did not only corrupt specific systems but also extracted a set of files. These files contained diverse information, ranging from names, Social Security numbers, and birth dates to billing, scheduling, and clinical data pertaining to care at certain healthcare providers.

Additionally, data maintained for human resources—such as direct deposit details, health plan enrollments, and more—was among the compromised information.

To address the situation, Onix dispatched notification letters to affected individuals on behalf of several entities, including Addiction Recovery Systems, Cadia Healthcare, Physician’s Mobile X-Ray, Onix Group, and Onix Hospitality Group.

What Patients Can Do

Consider the following steps if you’re concerned that your data was compromised.

Stay Informed

If you have associations with Onix Group or any of the named affiliates, look out for a letter detailing the breach. Onix has committed to sending these letters to everyone affected by June 25, 2023. It’s not just a formality; this letter will provide specifics about what happened and advice on the best steps forward.

However, if the date passes and you haven’t received any correspondence, don’t stay in the dark. Onix Group has established a dedicated call center to address such concerns.

You can contact them at (866) 547-0496 from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Eastern Time, during weekdays, but not on major U.S. holidays.

Monitor Your Financial Accounts

With the nature of data potentially exposed, including financial account information, regularly look at your bank and other financial statements. It’s not just about spotting large, unauthorized transactions. Sometimes, cybercriminals will test the waters with smaller amounts, hoping they’ll go unnoticed.

If anything looks out of place or unfamiliar, notify your bank or financial institution. They have protocols for such incidents and can guide you on the next steps.

Handle Communications with Caution

One of the fallouts of data breaches is the uptick in related phishing scams.

Cybercriminals, armed with a bit of real information, can craft convincing emails or phone calls. Their goal? To extract more data or trick you into certain actions. Treat any unsolicited communications, even if they appear to come from Onix Group or related entities, with suspicion. Verify through independent means before sharing any additional information or taking any action.

Contact a New York Data Breach Lawyer

If you have concerns or believe you’ve been affected, contacting legal professionals can explain your rights and potential recourse. Jacoby & Meyers LLP offers guidance, support, and legal representation. Don’t hesitate to contact us; your peace of mind and security are our top priorities.