NYC Spas, Salons and Dirty Little Secrets

New York City’s many salons and spas beckon individuals seeking a quick mani-pedi, or perhaps more of an indulgent experience like a massage or facial. No matter what the type of service or location, it’s important as a potential customer to be aware of an often-overlooked facet of beauty: the sanitation practices of salons.

In this blog Jacoby & Meyers NY notes the NYS laws that are supposed to govern NYC salon sanitation practices, and the potential risks to the general public if these laws are not followed.

The laws are in place to safeguard the  health and wellbeing of the general public and non-compliance with New York’s sanitation laws can result in severe health consequences for clients, such as:

Skin Infections

NYC’s diverse salons are bustling hubs where improperly sanitized tools can harbor unseen bacteria, fungi, and viruses, leading to conditions like folliculitis and ringworm. Did you know what if these conditions or other infections are left untreated they can develop into deadly staph infections?

Bloodborne Pathogens

The use of unclean tools in NYC salons poses a direct risk of transmitting bloodborne diseases, including Hepatitis B and C, and HIV—violating stringent New York State laws.

Respiratory Issues

NYC’s cramped salon spaces demand proper ventilation to mitigate respiratory risks associated with airborne particles and chemical fumes.

Failure to meet New York’s sanitation standards could jeopardize the health of both salon clients and staff.


NYC Sanitation Laws Dictate:

Tool Sterilization

New York’s laws mandate regular sterilization of tools and equipment to meet the high standards required for client safety.

Salons must adhere to industry regulations, utilizing state-approved disinfectants to eliminate harmful pathogens effectively.

Clean Surfaces and Spaces

Thorough cleaning of surfaces is a legal requirement under New York’s stringent laws, ensuring a hygienic environment for salon clients.

Adequate ventilation, as dictated by the city’s regulations, is essential to remove airborne particles and fumes.

Hygienic Practices

Proper handwashing and the use of disposable gloves are fundamental practices emphasized by NYC’s laws to maintain high standards of hygiene in salons.

Salon staff must undergo training to ensure compliance with New York’s sanitation protocols.

Your Right to Safety

If you notice that a salon or spa seems dirty, or staff appears to be rushing the cleaning, or not cleaning tools they’re using, we urge you to leave. If you’ve experienced harm or illness due to a negligent salon or spa contact Jacoby & Meyers today. Your health and wellbeing matter, and we’re committed to ensuring that salon or spa owners who put people at risk are held accountable.