NextGen Healthcare Data Breach

In May 2023, the Irvine, California-based healthcare services company NextGen Healthcare revealed in a regulatory filing that between March 29 and April 14 of this year, “an unknown third-party gained unauthorized access to a limited set of electronically stored personal information” on its network.

An investigation of the penetration uncovered the intruder may have had access to information about nearly 1.05 million individuals who were patients of NextGen’s healthcare-industry customers. Patients’ names, dates of birth, addresses, and Social Security numbers may have been copied.

Your Risks and Legal Rights as a Data Breach Victim

In notices sent to individuals potentially affected by the data breach, NextGen emphasized that hackers did not gain access to patients’ medical diagnoses or treatment information.

NextGen Healthcare Data Breach

But even so, substantial harm could still flow from the exposure of the information intruders accessed. Identity thieves armed with names, birthdates, addresses, and SSNs can apply for credit cards, obtain merchandise, and seek fraudulent loans and benefits in the names of their unwitting victims, whose finances, creditworthiness, and reputations get ruined in the process.

Stolen identity information can circulate on the dark web for months or years, and each time it’s used for a fraudulent scheme the victim suffers new and costly harm. The potential effort, expense, and emotional toll of trying to repair the damage can seem overwhelming.

But the million-plus victims of the NextGen Healthcare data breach should not give up hope or resign themselves to victimization by cybercriminals.

If NextGen alerted you that the penetration of its network compromised your patient data, or you believe it may have done so because your healthcare provider uses NextGen services, the law may entitle you to take legal action for compensation against the party (or parties) who failed to shield your sensitive information from prying eyes.

Jacoby & Meyers, LLP , a seasoned data breach tort law firm, wants to help. We offer a free case evaluation for anyone whose information the NextGen Healthcare data breach may have exposed.

A knowledgeable legal professional from our team can review the facts of your situation, discuss the current and future risks the disclosure of your data may pose, and explain the legal options available to you for holding NextGen or others accountable for the actual and potential damage done.

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Our firm has a long track record of successful advocacy on behalf of data breach victims nationwide. We have the know-how and resources to review the evidence to determine the precise nature of the threats you face due to the NextGen breach and to take legal action to safeguard your interests and seek compensation on your behalf.

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The massive data breach at NextGen Healthcare has drawn significant media attention and regulatory scrutiny. Class action lawsuits against the company have already been filed.

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