Holding Property Owners Accountable

All too often property owners take the easy way out, putting innocent people at risk for serious injury and even death. Some property owners attempt to maximize profit and intentionally skimp on repairs and maintenance. Other times, those responsible for managing properties neglect to put systems into place (or fail to enforce existing systems), causing hazardous situations for tenants.

In August 2018, officials referred to the living conditions of a NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) South Bronx building as a “humanitarian crisis.” Burst pipes in the building led to flooded apartments and stalled elevators. Some residents, unable to flee due the broken elevators, were trapped in their flooded apartments.

“State Assemblyman Michael Blake (D-Bronx), who represents the residents of the building, said the conditions were deplorable.

‘This is a humanitarian crisis that the city is not taking seriously,’ he said. ‘This is a crystallization of the crisis with public housing.”’

With the flooding comes vermin, rodents and the chipping of lead-based paint, all public health issues.”- NY Daily News

It is extremely important to hold negligent property owners/property managers accountable for subjecting tenants to dangerous conditions. Too many innocent people have been injured or died due to injuries or health conditions that could have been prevented.

We recently secured a $950,000 settlement whose daughter was injured due to the negligence of a Bronx Landlord.

If a property owner’s negligence results in serious injury contact us, we’ll hold them accountable. Speak to one of our premises liability attorneys, contact Jacoby & Meyers, LLP today or contact us using our convenient online contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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