Brooklyn Bicycle Accident Causes & Statistics

You might not think of Brooklyn as a cyclist’s haven, but it’s filled with bike paths and greenways (Ocean Parkway Greenway, Eastern Parkway Greenway, Shore Parkway Greenway, the paths around and through Prospect Park), on-street bike lanes, and more.

As the most populated borough in New York City, however, cyclists need to know that they will probably encounter a lot of motor-vehicle traffic in Brooklyn. Somehow, too many drivers of those vehicles don’t see Brooklyn bicyclists until it’s too late.

We say somehow, but really, we know why. It’s due to driver negligence, distraction and inattention, recklessness, and worse, alcohol and drug consumption—all of them preventable causes of potentially deadly Brooklyn bicycle accidents.

The problem keeps getting worse. Brooklyn has seen a more than 30 percent increase in cycling accidents during a recent 10 year period. Seven months in 2020 didn’t just set five-year records for Brooklyn bicycle accidents—they shattered those records. We may see yet another increase in 2021.

What happens in a Brooklyn bike accident? What should you do afterward? We’ve prepared this handy guide for you to share. (Should you post it elsewhere on the internet, please link back to this page.) It should answer many of your questions and help you determine your next move.

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Brooklyn Bicycle Accidents Infographic by Jacoby and Meyers