Bronx Truck Rollover Accidents: How a Shift in Load Can Change Your Life

A truck rollover accident occurs quickly, resulting in life-changing injuries and possible death for those unable to escape the crash.

Bronx pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and other drivers suffer physically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially. When the truck driver is negligent, they are generally, therefore, liable for your damages.

If you suffered a traumatic truck rollover accident, you may want to contact a Bronx truck accident lawyer today.

Why Trucks Roll Over

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), nearly 78 percent of truck rollover accidents are due to driver error. Driver error can involve dangerous behavior behind the wheel like speeding or distracted driving.

One of the main causes is sometimes a load shift. Trucks traveling in and around the Bronx may carry materials or goods—some in liquid form—that cause an imbalance if mishandled.

Commercial truck drivers who carry liquid products like gasoline must watch for the slosh and surge effect. A half-full cargo tanker may become unbalanced under certain conditions. The danger for other road users is the flammability of many cargo products.

A cargo truck accident can leave victims with severe burns and other injuries. If a Bronx cargo tanker truck driver or another type of truck driver caused a rollover accident that left you severely harmed, think about contacting an attorney.

Truck Rollover Accident Injuries

A cargo tanker truck that ignites into a fire can leave you with life-changing burns. Special care at a burn center may require time away from family. Plastic surgery and skin grafts are other possibilities.

Burns are just one type of severe injury possible in a truck rollover accident.

Other injuries can forever impact your ability to complete daily tasks and are worthy of fighting for compensation:

  • Traumatic brain injury: The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), when the brain suffers a bump, blow, jolt, or penetrating head injury, the injury is generally classified as traumatic.
  • Spinal cord damage: A spinal cord injury affects an accident victim’s ability to experience sensation and movement. Such experiences become limited or lost forever, resulting in paralysis.
  • Severely broken bones: Your Bronx truck rollover injuries may include multiple bone fractures, including ribs, arms, and legs. You may face extensive surgeries and a lengthy recovery.
  • Internal injuries: Internal damage is sometimes hard to diagnose, and it is why you must seek immediate medical attention. Only a medical professional using medical imaging devices can determine if you suffered internal harm.

You may experience more than one of these types of serious injuries. The truck rollover accident you experienced was possibly preventable—and that makes your situation all the more frustrating.

The truck driver responsible for your crash may or may not receive criminal charges. If a responding police officer arrests the driver, the criminal case has no impact on your ability to pursue compensation.

Criminal cases serve to punish illegal behavior and to serve as a form of justice. A civil claim and lawsuit is your right when damages occur. Payment for your damages is something the liable party should be responsible for, and not you.

How a Bronx Truck Rollover Lawyer Helps You

A Bronx truck rollover lawyer helps you by protecting your best interests. While it may seem easy to speak with insurance adjusters, it is not always wise to do so alone.

Unfamiliar people now enter your life and your hospital room. In the chaos that ensues following a traumatic crash, you must deal with multiple doctors and other medical personnel. When an insurance adjuster appears, they may appear as someone who also wants to help you.

A Bronx truck rollover attorney can protect you from the adjuster as they pressure you to accept a settlement. No matter how tempting the offer is, never accept one without a lawyer present. By agreeing to the settlement, you forgo any chance of future legal action should your condition worsen.

In other words, your case becomes closed. There is no second chance to pursue additional compensation. Medical costs are extensive and expensive when it comes to truck rollover accidents. The amount offered to you now may not be enough later.

A Bronx personal injury lawyer knows how insurance companies operate when it comes to settlements. Many insurance companies want to settle out-of-court as it saves everyone precious time. However, your lawyer will fight for the best outcome possible, and sometimes, that requires going to trial.

A lawyer has the presentation skills necessary for a judge and jury trial. Presenting the details of your Bronx rollover accident in a way that effectively conveys the impact on your life is vital for your case.

Your Lawyer is on Your Side

You are not alone. You are, however, severely injured, and your body requires rest. Contacting a Bronx injury lawyer for help does not mean you are weak; it simply means that you want to protect your best interests.

The unexpected turn of events in your life can leave you anxious about your future. A personal injury lawyer understands how your inability to work affects your ability to pay your bills. This is why the lawyer you hire will fight hard for the best outcome possible.

There is no way to predict the outcome of your case. Compensation is never guaranteed; however, never settle for less than you deserve. Insurance c companies are businesses that want to protect profits. A personal injury lawyer wants to hold them accountable for the harm their client caused you.

Consider taking the first step toward holding the truck driver and trucking company accountable for your damages. A free case evaluation can help you learn more about how to proceed with your case.

Lawsuit Deadlines

There is an urgency that comes with pursuing compensation for damages. Accident victims must file a civil lawsuit within the required statute of limitations. For cases involving personal injury, New York law grants three years from the date of the accident.

Three years seems like a very long time; however, as you recover from your Bronx truck rollover injuries, the days can pass in a blur. The disruption to your normal routine can cause you to question what day or even what month.

Statutes of limitations are strict because:

  • Eyewitness memories may fade, or witnesses may die or relocate
  • Evidence can become lost or destroyed, such as police reports or pictures from the scene

If the statute of limitations expires, you may not refile your lawsuit.

Taking quick action soon after your truck rollover accident is the best way to ensure you do not miss your chance to file a lawsuit. The clock is ticking now, making it imperative that you give careful thought to moving forward with a free case evaluation.

When Truck Rollover Injuries Are Fatal

When a loved one dies due to a careless truck driver, the news is both heartbreaking and maddening. Learning that it was a truck rollover accident that claimed their life can anger you and make you question why and how.

The devastating news you learn is something no family should hear. A knock at the door informing you of your loved one’s death forever changes your future. Life after loss is sometimes emotionally and financially difficult.

The impact of your loss on your life is something a wrongful death lawyer can understand. Their experience working with families who suffer loss helps them to help clients like you pursue justice.

A Bronx wrongful death lawyer can review New York law to determine if you qualify for pursuing a wrongful death case. A close relationship to the decedent is one important factor. For example, relationships typically include surviving spouses, children, and parents.

The Financial and Emotional Costs of a Loss

Many people do not possess the funds for an unexpected funeral. When the death results from a negligent truck driver, the trucking company should pay the costs, not the family.

The wrongful death lawyer you hire can fight for funeral expenses and other forms of damages such as:

  • Lost income and loss of future earnings: For surviving spouses, this is of significant importance for paying daily bills and costs related to the death
  • Loss of closeness and intimacy: This is a noneconomic type of damage and where a lawyer can help your case by conveying the impact of your loss on your life.

These are just two examples of how a wrongful death lawyer can help you. No one should deal with assertive insurance adjusters as you plan a funeral or memorial service. When you hire a lawyer to represent you, the insurance company calls can go straight to your lawyer.

A traumatic loss is difficult, and you can trust your lawyer to treat you with compassion during this challenging time. Life will never return to the way it was before the accident; however possible compensation can help you move forward.

The statute of limitations for wrongful death is two years, one year less than the statute for personal injury. Twenty-four months can pass before you know it. Do not allow too much time to pass before contacting an attorney for a free case evaluation. A case evaluation can provide you with the information you need for moving forward with legal action.

Bronx Truck Rollover Accidents and Your Fight for Compensation

Commercial truck drivers must follow designated truck routes while traveling in and around New York City. As they travel these routes, drivers must adhere to traffic laws, rules, and regulations. In addition, they must treat their commercial driver’s license (CDL) with care as it represents their career.

No Bronx resident or visitor should suffer serious injuries or a loss due to a reckless truck driver. However, if you were the victim of such an accident, you may want to contact a Bronx truck rollover accident attorney today.

Time is not on your side as you decide your next step. The statute of limitations clock is ticking now, making it imperative that you give careful thought to hiring a lawyer.

You Can Afford to Hire a Bronx Attorney

Most Bronx lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means they collect no fee unless they win your case. There is no money required in advance, and if they do not win, you do not pay.

Accident victims have enough to worry about without concerns about attorney fees. However, do not let the fear of whether you can afford an attorney stop you from contacting one as soon as possible.

Truck rollover accidents are all too real, from unsecured loads to drivers who engage in drugs or other dangerous behaviors. When it happens to you or to someone you love, a Bronx lawyer can help you.

What happened to you or your loved one is not fair. By pursuing compensation for your damages or loss, you may prevent the same thing from devastating another family.

Accountability can serve as a form of justice in truck rollover accidents. However, if you face mounting medical costs and an inability to work, consider placing your civil case in the hands of a professional attorney.

Insurance companies typically want to speak with you before you hire an attorney. Therefore, consider contacting an attorney today so that you are well-prepared when an aggressive adjuster contacts you.

A Bronx truck rollover accident happens quickly, leaving you with serious injuries or losses that will forever impact your life. Give careful thought to proceeding with legal action by pursuing a civil claim and lawsuit. The sooner you contact a Bronx truck rollover accident lawyer, the faster they can get to work for you.