As The Temperature Rises So Does the Risk for Injury/Illness, Part 1

Hot summer days are approaching and with that comes a risk of developing heat-related illnesses, like heatstroke, heat exhaustion and heat cramps. Take a moment to learn more about risk factors and tips for what to do if you or a loved one become symptomatic.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC) those most at risk for heat-related illness include: infants and young children, the elderly, pets, those with heart of circulatory programs, outdoor workers, those who are active outdoors, those who take medications that alter sweat production, and those who abuse alcohol or other substances.

There are three main types of heat-related illnesses you should be aware of.


2.Heat Exhaustion

3.Heat Cramps

Heatstroke occurs when the body isn’t able to regulate body temperature. “The brain and vital organs are effectively “cooked” as body temperature rises to a dangerous level in a matter of minutes. Heatstroke is often fatal, and those who do survive may have permanent damage to their organs.”-NSC

Hot skin, seizures, and any change in mental state are signs of possible heatstroke. If you notice these symptoms call 911, move the person to a half sitting position in the shade, and do not give the person anything to drink. Read more here.

Heat exhaustion and heat cramps are less severe heat-related illnesses’, but should be taken seriously, especially heat exhaustion, which can turn into heat stroke if untreated. Learn More Here.