Drone Regulations Questioned After Empire State Building Crash

The man who flew his drone into NYC’s iconic Empire State building has been charged with reckless endangerment and illegal navigation of an aircraft in and over the city.

His response? A police officer told him it was okay. The man also claims he used information he found on the site, “Where to fly a drone in New York City, Legally.”

Whatever information the man found suggesting authorities permitted the usage of drones around the Empire State building was completely inaccurate.

The misinformed operator ended up crashing his drone into the 40th floor of the Empire State Building. Luckily the drone crashed onto a ledge and not into congested NYC streets, where any number of pedestrians could have been seriously injured by the falling debris.

Today drone security, drone injury, and drone regulations are a hot topic in the media and amongst government officials. New York Senator Charles Schumer is pushing legislation that would require drone manufacturers to equip drones with geo-fencing technology to limit where unauthorized drones could fly. The legislation would also provide law enforcement to take action against drone users operating recklessly and include technology that would make drones detectable by pilots.

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