Plan for a Safe Super Bowl This Winter

super bowl

The Super Bowl continuously ranks as one of the most dangerous times of year for drunk driving deaths. In fact, 43% of all traffic fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday in 2012 were caused by drunk driving, compared to an average of 31% for the whole year, according to the National Highway Safety Administration. This year, we are urging you to keep it fun but safe this Super Bowl Sunday. Here’s a simple Super Bowl Sunday Party Checklist to go over before you leave your house:

  1. Remember to bring your pot-luck favorite!
  2. Are the kids in good hands?
  3. What is your mode of transportation to get home?
  4. If you plan on driving, did you designate a sober driver?

Remember, drinking and driving is not only illegal, it’s deadly. For more information on drunk driving and its devastating consequences, visit our blog.