Why Do So Few Women Use Citi Bike?

citi bike

A new study from the NYU’s Rudin Center for Transportation found that the vast majority of Citi Bike users are men and most trips originate around heavily-trafficked areas such as Midtown. Women account for only 23.7% of subscribed riders and generally prefer to stick to the less dangerous streets of brownstone Brooklyn.

The reason is safety. According to the study, women tend to use Citi Bike stations with fewer lanes of traffic with less truck traffic and ones with a lower history of bike collisions. Men often choose stations with more traffic, some truck traffic, and some collision-based cyclist injuries. 

Another study conducted by Hunter College found that women tend to be safer riders and more inclined to obey traffic laws and wear helmets. The study is consistent with the findings in the NYU study regarding percentage of women to men riders.

It’s simple. Encourage more women to ride by making streets safer. By continuing to strengthen cycling infrastructure, it’s guaranteed that more women will feel comfortable riding around NYC.

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Source: Gothamist