Subway Safety Tips


Subway accidents resulting in juries and deaths have been on the rise in NYC. The subway is not a playground. It’s important to be cautious and alert at all times when in the station or on a train. Here are some tips from the NYPD to help make your ride on NYC subways a safe and pleasant one.

  • Always wait behind the yellow line and away from the edge. The safest place to stand is in the middle of the platform!
  • Never display your personal items such as your wallet or cell phone – hold your purse in front of you, not in back. Put your wallet in your front pockets.
  • Never doze off or fall asleep on the train. You can become an easy target.
  • Beware of loud arguments and move cars if you need to.
  • Never ever subway surf! It is extremely dangerous and you most likely will not survive the ride.
  • If you drop something in the tracks, DO NOT attempt to get it yourself. Call a police officer or MTA employee.

Tips for Riding Safely at Night:

  • There is a Off-Hours Waiting Area at every station. It may be located near the station booth, on the middle level in a two-level station, or on the platform. These are well-lit areas marketed by yellow signs. Wait in this area if you are alone in the subway at night or feel uncomfortable. There is usually a bench and a public telephone there (911 is free).
  • Avoid waiting at the far end of a platform at any time, especially when the station is deserted. Wait toward the middle of the platform where other people may be.
  • Ride in the conductor’s car when you travel alone at night. This is usually in the middle of the train.

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