Lowering Speed Limits in Areas Near Schools in NYC

A map from WNYC Data News shows that 2/3 of city streets are within a quarter mile of public and private schools.

State law restricts how much localities can lower speed limits, but if streets are within a quarter mile of a school, the city can act without state approval and lower limits to 20 mph.

Nearly none of every 10 streets in Manhattan are within a quarter mile of schools, 82% of streets in Brooklyn and 74% in the Bronx.

This may also affect streets near day care centers. These areas are also subject to restricted speed limits.

There are nearly 300 traffic fatalities each year. Several recent high-profile deaths of children have pushed officials towards action. Bill de Blasio has signed on to a plan to reduce fatalities to zero, thought he hasn’t commented on how much he would want to limit speeds, or on which streets.

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Source: Transportation Nation